I thought Ohana was a fitting title for this week’s review because Ohana means family, and family means sending several people into a burning room of death to share gossip. Or it means that no one gets left behind, but a few people were left behind this time.

In Storybrooke, David, Regina and Henry learn that they can communicate with the fairytale world and need to stop Cora from coming to Storybrooke. Henry goes to meet with Aurora in the Red Room of Pain, and despite having the power to stop the chaos last time, Henry and Aurora both face strain in the RRP. I may quote 50 Shades,  but you can never make me read it. David decides to take a sleeping curse and is especially enthusiastic when he realizes he’ll see Snow again. It’s all very heroic until someone gets stuck in the never world. Their stuff felt a little too forced for me, especially how melodramatic Snow was before she left David behind. I know Ginnifer Goodwin is better than that.  While David is out of commission, they did deliver the message that ink from Rumple’s cell can help stop Cora.

How did they learn this? Regina interrupted a very cute hamburger date before anyone even got to touch their food. I really wouldn’t mind Rumple being awkwardly adorable every episode trying to not mess up his chance with Belle while everyone else worries if he’s there to kill them,  and Belle just doesn’t care and is all shy and cute right back at him. I would definitely be fine with all of that. Also, I’m sure there’s a joke in there about condiments being the world’s most power magic and condoms, but they were just too sweet;  my brain couldn’t do anything but make cooing noises.

I forgive Regina for interrupting the date because I loved how Rumple was quiet but still fierce because he remembers that Regina hurt Belle. Bad things are probably going to happen next episode because this week he was cute, protective and helpful.  HELPFUL. AGAIN. Of course, Cora is supposed to be a danger to him but still HELPING. PROGRESS. He didn’t even hide anything from Belle. I’m afraid one of them is going to die next week.

When Hook first appeared, I expected to be gushing about him every week too. I just don’t feel it. Emma and him feel contrived, his back story wasn’t that interesting and is revenge really worth everything he’s going through? I am the first to fall for a TV bad boy, but there needs to be more than stubble, eye liner and a nice accent. Because take all that away and he’s just not interesting. He doesn’t have the cool demeanor of Mr. Sark from Alias (Hi Dr. Whale!) or the charm and compelling back story of Sawyer from Lost. My current favorite bad boy is probably Derek from Teen Wolf. He is broody, mysterious and clothed in black for the total bad boy-wolf package. Yet, he is also such a pathetic little puppy that he just deserves lots of hugs. Hug him, Stiles! Anyway, Hook skulks around and further aligns himself with Cora, and I’m not talking about that yet. It’s too sad.

What I didn’t like about this episode was, despite having some action, it dragged because there were just too many obstacles. Plus, making sleep central to the plot is never that interesting. First, they have to get to sleep at the right time, and then they need to give the compass to Cora for Aurora. Only no, they’re going to make a sleeping potion, then go get ink, then rescue Aurora and then whatever other obstacles will come up while they try to get home. Like Mulan said, it was another journey. One that Mulan and Aurora have been pretty damn helpful with considering they have no ties to these people.  Sure, Snow and Emma give them a few more bodies when navigating the dangerous ogre and zombie filled areas, but they also come with a huge target. Snow and Emma were very concerned with themselves this episode and didn’t see what they were putting their companions through.

Noticing that Emma and Snow are starting to suck, Aurora decides to be completely freaking amazing. She goes into the scary and dangerous RRP to be a hero in honor of everything Philip and Mulan did to rescue her. Then she stares down Cora. Having watched too much TV, I know that when someone gets an offer that’s too good to be true, they take it. That’s where the drama’s at people. Aurora seeing right through Cora’s offer to bring Phillip’s soul back was surprising, and I loved every snarky, defiant second of her. She was still her haughty, princessy self, but this was a great chance to show off why someone brave like Phillip would fall in love with her. She can’t fight like the others, but she is royalty. She’s noble and won’t be intimidated easily.

Hey, speaking of people like Philip who are, brave, selfless, good at fighting and maybe passionately in love with Aurora. I was wondering if there was anyone like that in this episode? OH MY GOD. I said they should be together when I first saw them, and I am still in favor of that. BUT THIS EPISODE KILLED ME. Now it’s not just an interesting idea but something that needs to happen RIGHT NOW. Everything between Mulan and Aurora was a million times more believable than Hook and Emma. Take notes, Hook! Mulan: assertive, composed, focused Mulan was caressing faces and running around scared when Aurora got taken. We have never seen that much emotion on her face than when she said that Aurora was missing, and it was so painful. Protecting her started out as promise to Philip, but it was clear that Mulan’s feelings for Aurora are now personal.

What came to mind when watching Mulan was Castiel from Supernatural. He is a heavenly warrior full of purpose and suddenly he has all these feelings because of a person he’s supposed to take care of. I know a romance on Supernatural isn’t going to happen, but I wonder how OUAT feels about gay Disney princesses. I am all for it.

Emma and Snow are now more determined than ever to get back to their family, but I don’t think the odds needed to be stacked any higher.  And normally I love Snow being a badass,  but I didn’t appreciate it this episode. It was clear at the end that she was freaking out and was going to do anything she could to save Charming because she had to save her family. However, both Emma and Snow failed to recognize that Mulan was only trying to do the same thing. It is not Snow’s call to say that her family is more important than Mulan’s.  And oh my god, when Snow was threatening Mulan but she had a little moment of joy when she heard Aurora’s voice. That makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Even if you somehow saw no romance between the two of them, Mulan and Aurora are all the other has left.  I do think they’ve become a family whether you want them to make out and ride off into the sunset or you somehow don’t.

Cora mentioned that Emma and Snow would rescue Aurora because they are good and can’t resist. But it’s been Aurora and Mulan that have been helping them the whole time and putting themselves in danger. Then, when Aurora really needs help, they have all these caveats and refuse to even consider what Mulan is saying. They were never going to give up that compass. If it came to it, Aurora’s life was less important than getting back home. The heroes of this foursome aren’t Snow and Emma. And I know I’ve made a lot of comparisons in this episode, but there’s only one more I thought of. Mulan saying that the compass was not worth Aurora’s life reminded me of H.G. Wells and Myka from Warehouse 13. The world was in danger, but Myka wouldn’t sacrifice H.G. because the price was too high. H.G. was more important. Than the world. I’m just saying. And those two are so close to being cannon, so it’s a good pair for Mulan and Aurora to resemble.

Now for the terrible part. PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR AURORA. I mean, can they put her heart back? When Cora isn’t using her is Aurora in control? Hook is not sympathetic or likable enough to make TAKING AURORA’S HEART okay. I did not see this twist coming, and it is devastating.

Aside from the terrible-ness of the ending, I did enjoy this episode.  Regina and Henry became close again, which was cute but the other relationships suffered. David was left behind, and Aurora’s heart was also left behind. It does not belong to you, Cora! I mostly enjoyed this one because I liked Aurora and Mulan before, and now I am very invested in them on their own and together.  The intensity snuck up on me this week, so I will try not to fan girl over them too much next week. Did you like the episode? Is Aurora going to be okay? Lie to me if you  have to.