Fringies, how awesome and crazy was this episode? I love this sort of episode where drugs are involved because they are so fun to watch! And I’m sorry for being so late but this weekend was crazy, I didn’t have time for anything at all.

The episode started with Astrid being waken up by the radio they found a few episodes back and she even got to hold a gun! That’s certainly better than looking for tapes in amber. She did find Walter, though and he seemed a little… weird. In Olivia and Peter’s room – in which they sleep in separated beds by the way because this show is mean to shippers – he can’t sleep and she comforts him and it’s the cutest. I’m glad Peter took the Observer tech last episode. In the end, love was enough for him. But then Astrid comes in and tells them the radio is working so they have to get up. The three of them discuss what to do and come to the conclusion that they have to figure out what the code means because it must be a message from Donald but when they try to talk to Walter he is seeing a litte fairy and Carla Warren, his old assistant that died in the fire. I loved that fairy and Peter’s sleepy hair, by the way.

Peter and Astrid talk with Walter about the code and how it would make sense if he knew it but he’s playing with the fairy. He starts to pay attention but he doesn’t know the code and then he tells Peter that he dropped acid to try and remember the plan and that Nina would take the pieces of his brain off when they defeat the Observers. He also says he doesn’t want to lose them and Peter replies saying that they’re all here. But it’s not enough. Ugh, Walter feels. Anyway, he tells Peter, Olivia and Astrid that the Walter he was is taking over and that they have to get rid of the Observers quickly before he takes over completely. Peter takes Walter to his bedroom and comes back to discuss what to do with the girls.

Olivia, being the smart badass awesome woman she is, suggests they track the signal. And the fairy is back! Walter lits up a candle and goes back to the lab where he sees himself trying to cross over to the other universe and Nina trying to stop him. And another fairy arrives. Then they’re all gathered up with Anil locating the signal. Carla says there’s something hidden in the lab and apparently the transmission of the signal is located somewhere with dead bodies. But Peter and Olivia didn’t know this when they went to Connecticut to look for it. While they are walking, Peter says that Olivia amazes him, that after all that he’s put her through, she’s still there with him and that he doesn’t deserve her. Peteeeer! While some would agree, he didn’t do any of those stuff in purpose – like dating Altlivia and stuff. The only thing he did do in purpose was putting the tech in himself. Yes, he was selfish. Yes, it was wrong. But he was hurt and sad and didn’t think about consequences, only avenging his little girl. Anyway, they kiss. OMG, a couple that has been married all season only kissed on episode 9. And they were clockblocked by dead people.

They check the corpses and they are some Observers, a Loyalist and, in a truck, fighting against the Observers, is Sam Weiss! That sucks, I wish he hadn’t died. Good thing is they found the source of the transmition. Only they didn’t and this is just a relay used to boost the signal. So, Walter doesn’t know Sam Weiss and neither does Astrid but Peter and Olivia do since they met him in another timeline. But he isn’t Donald for what Liv remembers. Back at the lab, Walter is looking for what’s hidden in the lab – his secrets -, being guided by Carla. She is pissing me off, saying what the old Walter would have done, saying things he told her. When Walter can’t take it anymore, he runs away to his bedroom but she is there. And he finds what is hidden. It’s his life’s work and even when the fairy and Nina told him to put ir back in the hole he found it, he takes a peek at it.

Well, next thing he knows he’s in Manhattan ready to betray everyone joining the Observers. Carla says she represents everything he tries to keep buried and seriously, can’t she just stay dead? I feel sorry for Walter. He wasn’t even in New York after all, he was with Astrid, Peter and Olivia to rent a boat to go the island where the signal’s origin point is really located. When they were getting into the boat, though, Loyalists arrive and there is a little shooting, nothing that Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop can’t handle. And they go towards the island and its green castle. The signal leads them to a house and everything is fine until a man comes out of it pointing a gun at them. Olivia says they’re there to meet Donald and Peter asks if he knows Walter but he doesn’t and he’s not Donald. But then Baby Observer also comes out of the house and I did not see this coming. Anyway, the last kid they used was better, imo. The make up on this one is awful and I don’t say this about Fringe often. In fact, I think I’ve never said this about Fringe but you can totally see he isn’t bald, so. Anyway, the man’s wife also comes out and talks to him, saying that they knew someone could come for the boy. So he asks for the password.

After one of the craziest scenes in the history of Fringe in which Walter is hallucinating like really hard, he remembers the password: black umbrella. They all go inside, including the little green fairy. Long story short the couple was part of the Resistance and Donald found them and asked them to keep the boy safe until someone who knew the password would come. They named Baby Observer Michael and, even after twenty years he hadn’t aged or ever spoken. In the end, they let Michael go. Already in the lab, Olivia made hot coco for Baby Observer and of course she had to mention Etta only to bring back the pain. He drinks it and she asks if he knows her. He nods and Peter, like the rest of us, wonders how could he if they met him at a different timeline? Well, like Olivia said, Observers experience time differently and his possibly one of them, so.

Then there was the pain. I thought this episode might end without me crying or almost crying but no, Fringe doesn’t do episodes without crying. Walter had a major flashback of himself when he was still the old him, the man who said he was the only God in that lab and the one who tried to go against the laws of phisics. Wow, “Peter” flashbacks. I should have prepared myself better. After all of those memories, Walter decides to burn the jornal. Only there was no jornal, it was only a trick of his mind because of the acid. And the episode ended with him staring at his old self because he’s been his old self longer than he’s been him.

Poor Walter. I read a theory that he was going to die in the finale to make up for all the damage he’s done and this can’t happen or I’ll die too. Great episode, right? The glyphs formed the word guilt, which represents Walter’s guilt for damaging the world and I think also Peter’s guilt for what he’s put Olivia through. I won’t be doing a recap next week and I’m sorry about that, Fringies, but it will be almost Christmas and I won’t have time. And then I’ll travel on January 5, so I guess I’m not recapping the finale either unless there’s a hiatus. This is the first time I actually want a hiatus… Well, it was fun recapping Fringe and discussing about it with you, Fringies. I hope I get to recap the finale but if not, I’ll miss you all!