Fringies! It’s been three weeks, how are all of you? I almost died from feels this episode, lol. I know I almost always say that but guuuys, that flashback in the end just killed me. Before we begin, I want to apologize because this was so big! But anyway, let’s begin.

The episode started with Olivia meeting Anil inside a car. Actually she was waiting for him and seeing Resist posters of Etta being ripped out of the walls and it ripped my heart out of my chest but I’m used to it. It’s Fringe. Anyway, Anil gave Olivia another piece of Observer tech like the one Peter put in himself for Walter to run tests and some ammunition, apologized for Peter and left. Meanwhile Peter is in his apartment writing on his board and the Observers are heading there so he leaves and when they get there, Windmark sees “you are here” written on the board. Peter, stop, you’re scaring me ’cause I think you’re badass and so wrong at the same time.

Tape time! This week they have to get a giant magnet in Fitchburg but Olivia arrives with the bad news. The magnet is quickly forgotten as they talk about Peter and running tests with the tech. Walter asks for his porcupine brain and Astrid goes to get it. I can’t believe he kept that brain by the way. Peter calls and Walter talks to him. And it kills me more than anything to hear the concern and the love in Walter’s voice while Peter’s simply doesn’t show emotions. Especially when he says he need his son and Peter simply replies saying that Etta’s apartment has been compromised. Walter seems pretty shaken by this but decides to work on the tech anyway. Olivia decides to leave to look for this magnet and so she goes. I love how concerned Astrid looks and I wish she could get more screen time. Making Angels was so incredible, give Jasika a chance to prove how good she really is! In New York, Peter is acting like a true Observer, manipulating Windmark’s future and all of that. Is it just me or does Peter look really good these days? Boy, you pretty.

Olivia arrives at the scrap yard and talks to a guy named Carlos who seems pretty nervous  when she says she wants a magnet. He then goes inside and talks to a woman about Olive’s arrival. She too seems nervous but in a good way? I don’t know, she tells Carlos to send them and my first thought was about warning the Observers and I got really mad but then there was the first glyph and the commercial break to calm me down. Back to the show, Simone (the woman who talked talked to Carlos), told Olivia that they were expecting her and that they had her magnet. She showed Olivia the magnet and the truck to transport it and told her that a man went there twenty one years ago asking for a magnet and saying that it would help him save the world. So Simone’s mother kept the magnet and the truck ready for when he came and before she died she made her daughter promise to do the same. Ok, I’m not mad anymore, just surprised because Simone has a gift. She sees flashes when she’s around people and she knew Olivia had a bullet in her pocket.

Back at the lab, Walter and Astrid manage to put the tech in the brain and discover that with time, the part of the brain that control emotions is substituted by the part that does math and stuff. Seems pretty bad to me. At the scrap yard, a little girl named Darby spills to Olivia that people are talking about how there’s a bounty on her. Olivia obviously gets suspicious and when Simone brings her water, she thinks there’s a sedative and points her gun at her. Olivia demands her truck and magnet and Simone says that she’ll have those when the fuel gets that or that she can go away and come back later but they’re still gonna be there. Then she makes an assumption that Olivia lost her daughter twice and the fuel gets there. When they’re going to the truck, Simone says that she can feel Etta still with Olivia, even in that moment. Then Olivia gives her a speech about how people create things to comfort themselves and she can’t do that because she’s seen too much, she knows too much. And it’s all just numbers. Simone replies saying that she believes, that Olivia can’t know everything. God, I just love Fringe’s guest stars. Why can’t they stay longer? Plus, this woman is such a good actress!

Things aren’t going very well for Peter in New York, though. Windmark arrives at where he is, telling him that he manipulated his future into meeting him there. They fight and it’s super awesome. Peter even kills another Observer. Then he goes back to the lab leaving Astrid and Walter pretty shocked. It’s sad because he only goes there so that Walter can cure his cut and he doesn’t even feel pain. Walter tries to explain that Peter’s rational thinking will overcome his emotions and with time it won’t be reversible but Peter already knows it and acts super cool about it, like the things he can see, the things he can do, are so much better than feelings. It saddens me because feelings were the thing that made him do this at the first place. Walter tells him that the way to stop Windmark is with their plan and the tapes and that he needs his son but Peter choses to stick with his plan and leave. Also, who do I have to thank for shirtless Peter? Like, two times in four episodes. This is the best thing.

Olivia is driving home and talking with Anil about where to leave the truck when she runs into two cars with a person laid down on the ground. Only it was a doll and the whole thing was a trick of two guys to get her and sell her. Of course she fights back because one does not simple kidnap Olivia Dunham but they hit her in the head and she passes out. When she awakes with her hands tied and listen to one of the guys talking to the Observers about where to sell her, she quickly finds a place to get rid of the rope in her hands. Then she starts to build something. A gun. She builds a freaking gun and kills her kidnapper with tha bullet that killed her. If that’s not the most badass act you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. She grabs the dead guy’s gun, kills the other and retrieves her bullet from the wall it hit after passing through the guys head. Olivia calls Walter and he tells her where Peter, who had stopped an elevator earlier to get Windmark back into the right path, is. And she goes there.

Are you ready for some tears? I wasn’t. Olivia arrives at the balcony in which Peter was to talk to him and I love how calm she is, how she talks to him as if she understood him, how she plays his game. Peter says that Windmark has been reset into the correct path that will lead him to his death by Peter’s hands the next day’s afternoon. Olivia stops the act and says that her being there has nothing to do with thinking and everything to do with feelings and that soon he won’t be able to feel anything. To contradict that, Peter shows emotions about Windmark showing him Etta’s last thoughts. He says that without the tech he won’t be able to kill Windmark. Olivia then tells him that Etta is alive with them, inside them, that she saved her life that day with the bullet she gave her. That feelings are their strength, not their weakness and that she’s not asking him to let Etta go but to hold on to her. That she’s not gonna lose him again. He has sudden flashbacks of Etta and Olivia and that day in the park. Olivia then says that she loves him. And it happens. He has a major flashback not only with all of the most important Polivia moments but also his moments with Walter and Etta. He picks up his knife, cuts his neck and takes off the tech from his head. Olivia takes it from his hand and puts Etta’s necklace in it. With this, he just leans on her. And you guys, it was so beautiful I can’t even talk about it.

So, did you cry? Did you enjoy the episode? Are you glad that Peter will be back to himself next week? The glyphs formed the word plead, that represent all the pleading Walter and Olivia made this episode. Tell me your thoughts and see you next week!