I won’t go into a fully-detailed review of 30 Rock‘s final hour, even if it may deserve it, because it wouldn’t allow me to just write my simple thank you and love letter to those that made the show possible.

Every week for about seven years, 30 Rock has managed to liven up Thursday nights with its original brand of absurdist cartoon humor and strangely appropriate heart-warmth. And tonight’s final outing proved yet again that it’s the perfect blend between both of those things, even if it delved into the heart-warmth well more than it usually does. Liz’s “real goodbye” to Tracy was once again representative example of how close to life commentary 30 Rock can get. And yet, this being 30 Rock, it happens in a strip club in the middle of what is apparently a highly-touted and weird dance routine.

And it all strangely transitions into a final scene between Jack and Liz, television’s best platonic couple — so much so that Jack has to go into gritty detail about the word “love” before he gets the chance to tell Liz he loves her. But Liz allows him to bypass that step by saying she loves him, too. And in that way, everyone sort of got an extremely happy ending: Jenna gets to flash people live; Tracy’s dad comes home from buying cigarettes; Liz has found stasis between the job and home; Jack is rightfully back at GE making appliances; and has-not-aged Kenneth is running NBC in a future utopia where television can bet funny, and set in New York, and of quality.

For as much as 30 Rock mocked the television business, it was more commentary on the sad state of affairs, but always hopeful that things would turn around. And I hold on to that.

So thank you 30 Rock and all of those that had anything to do with any aspect of the show; you have seriously created one of TV’s funniest comedies… and you definitely created TV’s smartest sitcom. And for every broad comedy loving audience member who ditched you, for every extreme feminist who didn’t understand how beautifully feminist you were, and everyone else that didn’t give you a chance, just know: you held on to a cult of those that regard you as one of the greatest shows that has graced our televisions. I thank you for being one of the shows that granted me the opportunity to view the genius in the television space.

Blerg! I don’t want it to be over! I will never forget you, Rural Juror.

Lemon out!

Michael loves TV. You can find him at home, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access.