This week’s episode of  was one that I was waiting to watch because it involved the infamous “Carly,” Barney’s sister whom everyone suspected to be the mother, until now. Unfortunately I have to say that I was disappointed with this episode, although I liked the comedy bits with Ted, Barney and his sister I found the rest of this episode to be pretty bland and a bit of an emotional disconnect from last week. Even though I know that not every episode can have big emotional scene, I hoped that they would further address the whole Lily not wanting to be a mother problem and Ted’s resentment over the Barney – Robin engagement.

Now lets jump into what actually happened this week, I’m going to start with my favorite storyline, Ted’s young new girlfriend.  This is the first story of the episode, Ted tells the gang that they want them to meet a new girl he has been seeing, but she can’t come into the bar because she isn’t legal yet. We then get to see their relationship a bit more; where we learn that she has a bit of an obsession with older guys, and by older I mean a lot older. The gang disapproves of this relationship; all except Barney who secretly encourages Ted to sleep with this younger girl because he is going through a one-night stand detox and need someone to live vicariously through Ted. At this point I knew that Barney was going to regret this when he found out whom this new girl was. So Ted does the dead with Carly and when he goes to show Barney a picture of who it is he is shocked, disgusted and in a weird way proud of Ted. I have to admit it was hilarious seeing Barney scroll up the picture and then finally realizing who it was, really made me laugh out loud. Unfortunately for Barney he has conflicted feeling on how he should react, on the one hand he’s proud of Ted but on the other hand it’s his sister and that’s pretty upsetting. This leads Barney to do the extreme, as always and prepares to marry Ted and Carly, which I think was a joke the writers decided to put in after all the mother speculation. Anyways at the ceremony, Barney realizes that he is over is “one-night” stand detox. At which point he asks both Ted and Carly to never sleep together again, they agree with a sly wink, I have to say this was really funny too.

Meanwhile Robin is having some issues adjusting to her engagement and her ring, which basically makes her invisible to men. Leading to a HIMYM musical number, which is something they do best.  She finds it difficult not having guys cater to her every whim but soon realizes – with the help of Marshall and Lily  – that she gains something truly amazing, Barney, the only guy she really wants to notice her. I loved the ending of this episode, where we got to see, through Robin and Barney’s eyes that they are they only have eyes for each other and in the moment you really got the sense of how much they love each other. It was a really sweet and genuine moment.

As for Lily and Marshall they didn’t have much of story this episode, their storyline felt a bit disconnected from the rest, almost as if they were just given something to do because they had no other purpose in this episode. All in all I thought it was an okay episode, it had its funny moments but nothing too interesting, except for the last scene.

Allison Chin

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