Suits has (finally) come back after its midseason finale in August. It seems like it’s been forever since our hearts all felt a little heavier after Grammy died. Sigh. That was the worst. But it came back last Thursday with the episode “Blind Sided” and pretty much everything bad happened. Like, really.

The episode took place a week after the last episode in August, and we quickly found out he’s still getting high and seeing his married friend, Tess. He also hasn’t talked to Rachel since she came to his apartment at precisely the wrong time. The next morning, Donna is awesome as ever – “I wanted to be in a position of power when I toyed with you” – and lets him know that Zoe called. She also gets him to admit that he actually wanted to celebrate with Zoe, but their discussion is soon interrupted by Louis. Pretty much everyone is still hating one him after his betrayal in the last few episodes, and Louis is pretty much just tired of it.

Concerning Mike, he has his first encounter with Rachel and she is just not really happy with him. At all. He lets her know that Tess is married. At another, later, encounter, Mike accuses her of being judgmental right after asking her to keep the fact that Tess is married under wraps. Good strategy, Mike. She lets him know that she had an affair before too (plot twist!!!!!!!!!), noting that Mike is quick to judge and that he “has no idea what you passed on.” Like what? It was awesome but also really self confident which I guess is also awesome.

The issue at Pearson Hardman this week is that the son of a client, Liam Carson, was driving home from a party and hit a man, Albert Chung, with his car. After calling the police, Liam drove away, and even though he said he wasn’t drunk, Mike doesn’t believe him. Harvey pulls Mike aside and suggests that he step away from the case because of the possibly personal attachment to his parents, but Mike refuses. Him and Harvey then suggest to Liam and his mom that Liam turn himself in, with Mike ultimately confessing to the kid that he was in his shoes once at 16, when he was arrested for possession of weed. More on that later.

We move to Louis, who’s having lunch with the female Louis from a couple of episodes back, Shelia. She came prepared with a few ideas on the associate Louis intends to hire, and tells him to meet at her hotel room the next night, bringing “coconut oil, a ski mask, and duct tape.” You know she just asked for the ski mask because she wanted to tear up the slopes, right? His first interview the next day is with the self-proclaimed machine, Maria Monroe, who automatically informs Louis that she is wanted by three other top firms in the city. Unsurprisingly, Louis wants her immediately and dismisses all the other candidates. I can understand though, she was totally awesome. “I have to have you” “That’s what they all say.”

The dream team (Mike and Harvey, that is) meet with prosecutor Katrina Bennett, hoping to work out a plea for Liam, but she’s unwilling to. Albert ended up dying in the incident, making it a much more serious incident. But Mike and his super sleuth skills come in the clutch. He finds out Albert was an art school dropout who was painting graffiti on a nearby building, and fleeing from the scene when Liam hit him. Katrina offers him a “favor” by accepting a deal, asking Mike to mention her name to Harvey, since she wants a job at Pearson Hardman. Mike isn’t sure to treat this as a favor or a bribe.

As Mike informs Katrina’s desire for a job under Harvey, he lets Mike know he has no intention of hiring another associate. Mike is enough. Dream team! He assigns Mike to fiscally settle with the Chung family, something Mike is firmly against because of his own experience. Harvey feels his pain and authorizes Mike to offer as much as $100,000 dollars, which is exactly what he does.

When Louis shows up at Shelia’s apartment, she lets him know that the whole thing with potential associates was just a test. But she agrees to help him close the deal with Maria. And she offers him a safe-word. In other romantic entanglements, Harvey has a date with Zoe, but ends up staying in after Zoe has to take care of her niece, Olivia. Later in the episode, Harvey meets with Zoe again, suggesting the take a vacation together, but she tells him that her brother has cancer. She intends on leaving the city to go to her parent’s house with Olivia, effectively ending any kind of relationship with her and Harvey. And Harvey’s bummed, but also really sympathetic to Zoe and hugs her.

As Mike meets with Liam to sign the plea papers, he confesses to Mike that he was high at the time of the accident, not saying anything to ruin his plea. When Mike informs Harvey, he’s barely concerned. Mike can’t do anything because the papers are already signed and Mike cannot betray the attorney-client privilege. Mike does anyway, letting Katrina know. She doesn’t tell the judge of this, however, because she points out that he broke attorney client privileges. Also, she took Harvey’s bribe of a job at Pearson Hardman.

Louis is also not at all in a good mood. He gained an associate, and immediately lost them. Maria proves to be a difficulty because, being a machine, she notices that Mike Ross wasn’t in her class at Harvard law. Donna makes up a story about Mike being in a different class year, but Harvey convinces Jessica to get rid of her. She lets Louis know that Pearson Hardman is on a hiring freeze (although Harvey will hire Katrina not too long after), and Maria can’t take the job. Shelia points this out to Louis while simultaneously kicking him out of her hotel room.

Mike, who’s been sort of self-righteous this whole episode, confronts Harvey about hiring Katrina, stating that he offered her a job only to get what he wanted. Harvey points out that hard choices come with his job, and Mike can’t seem to accept that. “The next time I have the option to cross a line to save you, I’ll send you packing and not think twice. Now get your shit together.” Mike seems to take this to heart and breaks up with Tess. Everyone is miserable.


Honestly, you’re lucky I’m even a person after Lost ended. The ending of that was kind of like the end of my life, but I might be in a Community cult. Other favorites include The O.C, Suits, and almost everything else (slight exaggeration). Cool cool cool.