So I finally caught up on Cult and, boy, maybe it’s because I haven’t watched a mystery since Lost, but I have been finding myself more and more intrigued by this show. A lot of great storylines have been set up and I’m eager to see where they go. Anyways, here’s the breakdown of “The Good Fight”!

So it’s episode six and I still can’t get over how terrible the show’s opening is. Moving on, Jeff and Skye decide to keep being awkward about their kiss. Well, more like Skye looks disappointed by Jeff’s desire to be awkward about it. Don’t worry, girl, we all know he gon’ be trying to hit that in like three more episodes. Anyways, there’s no time to think about potential hookups because turns out those roofies from the last episode were not just your garden variety sexy-time roofies. Skye falls unconscious into the dreamscape of Billy’s cult while the judgy doctor (who clearly suspects Jeff as an irresponsible boyfriend that dosed his patient) tells Jeff he needs to find more of the drug so they can better help Skye.

Jeff calls Lexi and makes her feel appropriately terrible about Skye’s condition, only to catch sight of a curly-headed, African American woman heading towards Skye’s room. She is, of course, Skye’s mom. Jeff wins points for instant politeness with his “Yes, ma’am,” but loses them for having allowed her daughter to get drugged.  She doesn’t take kindly to Jeff’s role in egging on her daughter’s obsession with the show, either.

With one female partner down, Jeff calls his backup, pink-haired techhie girl whose name I still have yet to learn. However, boss man at the paper realizes that she’s been doing one too many favors for Jeff lately and calls her out on it.

Detective Sakilik (OK, I admit, I didn’t know her name either. I had to IMDB that) turns up at the hospital, as well. Jeff asks her for a sample of the drug to give to the doctors but the detective decides to be uncooperative. I admire Jeff for having the balls to stand up to her, episode after episode, because she still scares the hell out of me.

Unconscious Skye dreams that Kelly and Billy reconcile. This is a metaphor for Skye giving up the search for her father, a metaphor so subtle it had to be explained later on. Meanwhile, the doctor says the amount of activity in Skye’s prefrontal cortex could lead to permanent brain damage, which makes no medical sense to me, but what do I know– I’ve only taken one semester of neuro. We also see Skye’s dad for the first time and I’m pretty sure this is the first CW show to have ever had more than two black characters so good for them.

Jeff takes ballsy to a whole new level by breaking into the detective’s home to steal the drugs while his boss distracts the detective. The doctors somehow analyze it and synthesize an antidote within an hour, but Skye has to wrestle with her internal doubts about giving up the search for her father and metaphorically kill them by stabbing Billy before she comes back around.

The episode ends on a sad note, though as Bert is rushed to the hospital. His possibly fatal gunshot wound a punishment carried out by the detective for Jeff’s little home invasion.

Overall, I thought this was the weakest episode since the pilot (though the pilot was still by far the worst episode of the series). The long scenes spent in Skye’s head were boring. I’ve never really seen the point of “coma” scenes in TV shows because what is happening inside a character’s head doesn’t really have any effect on the plot. They’re usually just used to create character depth or comedy relief. Unfortunately, in this case, I feel like I’m not invested enough in Skye on an emotional level to care about her internal struggle over her hunt for her father. However, I feel that show is continuing to move along at a good pace overall and I will definitely watch to the end of the season. The CW won’t be announcing show renewals until May, but I have a bad feeling about Cult, especially since its move to the notorious Friday night slot. I don’t think the show is getting very much attention. If viewership doesn’t pick up soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on the chopping block.