After a season that could barely qualify as mediocre, Girls has returned to its former season 1 glory with the episode “On All Fours.” But…is it too little, too late? Has Ms. Dunham already alienated all of the fans of the show with her bizarre, self-indulgent storytelling (*cough* Patrick Wilson cough). Let’s just say…I nearly stopped watching.

However it seems the season has finally taken a turn. The problem? Well, there is only 10 episodes, and there is now only one episode left. It’s pretty unfortunate it took this long for us to actually see character growth and development. And with that…this week all centered around a theme: being young is hard, like, really, really hard. No matter what you look like, or how much money you have, being young is basically one giant experiment in failure, failure, and more failure. And it was by far the most successful episode we have seen thus far. Why? Because the stories linked together, there was a flow, unlike most of the season, which was highly disjointed and neglected characters like Shoshanna and Jessa (who is still MIA).

Hannah: Last week we learned Hannah had nervous ticks, and when her parents came for a visit, they forced her to see a therapist in fear that they would return. It seems being a young, lost 20-something girl has finally gotten to be just too much for Hannah to handle. And so, Hannah nearly destroys her eardrum with a Q-tip and runs to the hospital. She keeps the Q-tip, because, well, why not? While on her way home, Hannah runs into Adam taking a break from his date with his new girlfriend. The moment was really genuine, and was one of the best the show has seen thus far. At the end of the episode, she turns the Q-tip around and tackles the other ear. Crrrrrrringggggggeeee!

Marnie: Flailing! First she tries to “lay down a new track” on Garage Band, then blows up at Charlie for blowing up off their lunch plans. Later, Marnie arrives at the party of Charlie’s new company to celebrate HMU’s (whatever this means, it is lost on Marnie). She uses the opportunity to showcase her newly found vocal talents, and it all builds to a steamy, impromptu hook-up with Charlie, thus bringing her full circle, right back where she started.

Shoshanna: After hooking up with the door man last week, effectively cheating on her boyfriend Ichabod Crane, Shosh finally begins to realize her boyfriend is, well, kind of a lame-ass. She uses all of her energies trying to avoid Ichabod. What I am saying? Shosh never runs out of energy, but she is clearly struggling with the idea of maintaining a relationship with a man who basically represents everything she doesn’t want to admit about the potential for disappointment in adulthood. He confronts her about it, and she cheats, telling him she held the doorman’s hand. During the party, Charlie shrugs off Ray’s behavior “it’s just Ray, you know?” Shoshanna gives Charlie a look like she just smelt really old cheese, she’s not offended exactly, more like dumbfounded that she is literally dating a man whose behavior can just be shrugged off like that. No one cares…it’s just Ray. You can see the wheels turning. Shosh is finally getting it!

Meanwhile, alcoholic Adam is still a total creeper. After enjoying one drink too many with new girlfriend Natalia (guest star Shiri Appleby), who by the way, is a total cutie, Adam demands she get on all fours, crawl to his bed, where Adam engages in rough sex with her and then releases on her chest. Shiri Appleby did not like this at all. I’m not entirely sure if this was intentional, but an interesting point made about learning what you like and don’t like during sex. This happens through experiences when one is a young twenty-something. For Shiri Appleby, she doesn’t like being dominated and treated like a used garbage bag. It didn’t exactly add any new elements to Adam’s character. Adam is just a creep, so I don’t know why he is on the show. I just don’t. Someone, anyone, enlighten me, please.

Next week, Hannah pushes herself to extremes to finish the book on time, Marnie can’t fathom how she and Charlie turned into casual sex friends, and Shoshanna might finally talk herself into breaking up with the dead weight hipster douche bag. Haha…he manages a f!cking coffee bar. Ha! What is she thinking? Run, Shosh, run! Take your Cosmos, copy of Devil Wears Prada, incense and run!


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