The season finale of Girls was incredibly well done, to say the least. Let me start of by saying this season was incredibly rocky. There were moments even I found myself ready to give up on the show. I could barely watch it, much less write or think about it. Season 1 was much more focused on the reality of being a young, confusing twenty-something. Season 2 drifted into incredibly dangerous territory, balanced on this line between art and suck. Lena Dunham seemed to be forgetting what initially made the show brilliant in it’s freshman year. She was being highly self indulgent with her character, and it was coming off as forced. I am especially referring to the Patrick Wilson episode. Let’s be real, that was a major slap in the face, and incredibly bizarre.

Hannah: must finish the book in a day. “Ha, ha, ha,” she laughs to herself, “I’m going to write a book in a day.” So of course, she eats an entire container of cool whip, reads magazines, googles life’s most difficult questions, hides from Marnie when she stops by for a visit, eventually decides she wants bangs and cuts her hair. Too bad the publishers will be suing her for spending that advance. Basically, she’s fucking it up. This was BRILLIANT. A fucking +. Let’s all seriously take a moment and just completely let the brilliance sink in. Who hasn’t been here? Seriously, you, yes you, you HAVE been here. You know you have. It’s like it goes without saying that this possibly the most brilliant, most realistic moment to ever appear on television. All you can do is laugh, but it’s almost a depressed laughter. “Ha, ha, ha,” you might say, but really you are thinking “hmm…this is really messed up.”

Marnie: thinks that by getting back with Charlie, this will somehow bring her back to a state of stability. It was a very interesting point made, Charlie is Marnie’s safety net, because she still hasn’t found a way to find stability within herself. She’s been a bit of laugh riot in these past two episodes. It’s basically like, wow girl, you’re totally fucking it up, but it’s hilarious because she knows it. The pair reunites, which spells more trouble and more hurt between these two. Expect it. These two will be doing this dance for at least another season, or at least until Marnie learns Charlie isn’t a life raft.

Shoshanna: finally realizes love is fucked. Basically, much like Ray was trying to tell her, everything is fucked. Shoshanna ends the relationship, determined to keep her light and carefree attitude. I must give respect to Lena Dunham. She finally gave us divided screen time, and Shoshanna finally was given some serious love and character development. Her break-up scene was very telling. As someone who has a very simple, easy view on how a relationship should look, all I wanted Shoshanna to do all season was kick the asshat to the curb. Ray accuses Shoshanna of seeing someone else, a tall, blonde, athletic Russian man. She refutes this of course, “you know me better than that,” she says. At the end of the episode, whilst Charnie or Marlie (Marnie/Charlie) walk romantically, and Hannah is ‘saved,’ Shoshanna…kisses a tall, blonde, possibly Russian, athletic man.

The ending was a little to ‘fairy-tale’ to fit into the tone of the episode. However, that said, if anyone but Adam was to make a shirtless run for it to save Hannah, sinking, with a punctured ear drum, and a truly terrible haircut, my heart would feel very warm. Adam…I can’t. I’m sorry. 20 minutes earlier he was calling his girlfriend a whore. No, no, no. No.

Jessa also appears in the BEST line of the episode. “You’ve reached Jessa. I would never listen to a voicemail but if you insist on trying…”

Next season I am expecting the Girls will try to get their lives together. Next year’s tagline…

Life: You’re fucking it up, but that’s because that’s all you know how to do.


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