Since the mid-season finale I have been really disappointed in the episodes as of late. However this episode brought back everything that made HIMYM an amazing show, filled with both funny and sweet moments. Making this one of my favorite episodes of the season and has definitely restoring my faith in the show going forward.

The main story this week focused on Barney and Robin deciding on their future living arrangements, where Barney decides to move in with Robin, to much of his displeasure, but completely justified on Robin’s part considering the many women that had come and gone through Barney’s apartment. At first Barney tries to get around this decision by trying to convince Ted to buy his apartment, through his Fortress of Solitude floating head trick.  However, this doesn’t end up working and Ted rejects the idea, so Barney decides that he is not going to sell the apartment, forcing Robin to plan an open house behind his back. Although, when he walks through the door his first assumption is that Robin planned an orgy, which is very typical Barney thing to do. Once he realizes what is going on he does his best to convince the prospective buyers not to buy the apartment by showing them his many inventions of how to get unwanted women to leave his apartment. This was quite funny because it brought back Barney’s old antics in a comedic way.

After all his efforts a couple decides to buy the apartment, which only upsets Barney so he runs away to the bar. Later in the episode Robin finds him, but before she can say anything he tells her that he’s ready to let go of the apartment because he loves her. Although I thought this was sweet, it seemed a little to repetitive from the last episode where Barney gives up the playbook for her and now the apartment. I also worried that she was making him give up too much of who he is both now and before their engagement. But after Barney makes this sacrifice, Robin says that he can keep the apartment because the couple that planned on buying it wanted to tear it down and became really condescending towards Barney’s inventions, which Robin would not tolerate. So she did what any sane person would do and yelled at them to get out through the floating head, Fortunes of Solitude trick, from the beginning of the episode. I loved this moment because it truly showed how strong a couple they are, it wasn’t as one sided as I suspected it was going to be, which would eventually be a problem. Both characters have really matured as individuals and as a couple, which was nice to see; them develop into a functioning couple. Also, even people who don’t like the couple have to admit that they are the perfect match and are meant to be, as cheesy as that might sound.

Now on to the other story of the night, involving Lily becoming pretentious and Ted and Marshall’s new found relationship.  As we now from the last episode, Lily began working for the Captain, which meant that she would have to go on many artsy excursions. Each time she would leave she would come back a little more pretentious than the last, one time with big glasses, the other with an extravagant hat. I have to admit this little spectacle became annoying throughout the episode, but that was probably what the writer’s intention, so I’m not that cynical towards her character. However, this left Marshall all by his lonesome, but don’t worry, Ted took Lily’s place. Since Lily was off gallivanting in her new art job, Marshall had noting to do, because they do everything together. Much of the episode consisted of him wanting to watch Wayworth Manor  – HIMYM’s version of Downtown Abby – but can’t because he had to wait for Lily. Ted is able to convince him that he shouldn’t have to wait for Lily, who clearly isn’t making time for him, so he ends up watching the new episode with Ted. Then during Barney’s open house a women mistakes Ted and Marshall for a couple, leading to some hilarious moments where everyone thinks Lily is being rude to them. In the end when everybody is at the bar, Lily realizes that she has to make time for Marshall, so when the Captain calls her up again, she blows him off. She tells him she needs to spend time with her husband; another nice moment between one of the couples. One of my favorite moments in the episode would have to be the tag, when Ted and the women who think hes gay go off, so Ted can experience what it is like to be with a women, to which Barney congratulates him for; for obvious reasons. It was a funny ending to a great episode.

Overall this was a solid episode and pulled me back into the series, which I felt was severely lacking that special quality it once had. But it was a hilarious episode, while still developing most of the characters, which is something needed and hard to do after 8 years. What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about Barney and Robin’s relationship?