The latest episode of HIMYM marks the end of this chapter in everyone’s life, especially Ted and realizes that he is ready to meet “the one”. We are now in the home stretch of this season and closer to the one answer we have all been waiting to be answered; “who is the mother”.

Not only was this a monumental episode in the development of Barney and Ted, but it was actually funny, which the show has been lacking lately. Let us start off with the main two stories, Ted’s crazy girlfriend and the return of the playbook. We pick up from the last episode and learn that Ted plans on bringing Jeannette to Barney and Robin’s wedding even though they don’t approve. However, Jeannette is the one who decides to end the relationship, leaving Ted to find a new date. Although this isn’t the last we see of our favorite crazy person.

However this episode actually starts off with one of Barney’s play’s entitled “Weekend at Barney”; a scene that I felt was meant to be funnier than it actually was. The comedy felt forced and the entire scene wasn’t needed, it came across as a filler scene that was supposed to drive this story. The only part of the scene that had any resonance is when Robin tells Barney that destroying the playbook was the how she knew he was the one. Nevertheless, this reminder of all the plays Barney has yet to run drives him to have Ted play them out once Jeannette breaks up with him. As Barney is running the plays through Ted Robin walks in to find the original playbook in tack. She leaves upset and Barney runs after her, just as Jeannette renters the bar to take Ted back, in her own psychotic way. When Barney finally catches up to Robin, he tries to explain why he kept the playbook and inadvertently lied to her. She eventually realizes Barney’s situation and after a few magic tricks she finally forgives him, a very touching scene with the right amount of humor.

Now onto Lily and Marshall story of the week, which features an art show and Marshall’s last bag of skittles ever. Marshall accompanies Lily to an art opening where is charm and jokes don’t really work in the art world. So he is left to fend for himself, alone, constantly sitting on art. While Marshall is trying the make a good impression Lily is off trying to talk to the artist but has no luck. This leads to a hilarious scene where the artist gives an emotional speech, right as all the skittles that Marshall sneaked in fall out of him pocket for what seems like five minutes. This scene has to be one of my favorites because of the way everyone looked at him and Jason Segal’s ability to keep a straight face as this ridiculous thing happens to him. So when Lily goes over to talk to Marshall about what happens and he tries to make a joke, the artist finds him funny, giving Lily a way in to talk to him about buying some of his art.

The end scene has got to be one of the best in the shows history and is well executed, as everyone comes together. After Jeannette finds the playbook in Ted’s apartment she goes on a rampages and begins throwing everything out the window. She then begins to set the playbook on fire to which Ted reluctantly asks her to stop, until Barney come in and tells him he doesn’t need it anymore. After she sets the book on fire and we see the burning pages float down to the ground Ted scratches off Jeannette’s name on Barney and Robin’s RSVP wedding invite and announces “that he’s done with dating and ready to settle down.” This last scene was nicely written and preformed because we really get the sense that all these characters especially Barney and Ted who are ready to move on with the next chapter in their lives. It was nice to have the writers put Ted back on the path to finding the mother because the last few episodes were losing site of that.