The Vampire Diaries will be airing a backdoor spinoff pilot for Klaus and Co. titled “The Originals” on April 20th. The story of the episode, and concurrent pilot, involves Klaus going to New Orleans to stop some sort of plot a group of people are creating against him. Tagalong Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) guest stars in the pilot. And if all goes well, and The CW brass like it and how it performs, we’ll be watching new series The Originals this fall.

That’s all great and dandy, but before the episode airs, we have a few items on our wishlist. We’re hoping that a few elements from The Vampire Diaries don’t exactly spillover into The Originals territory…and that a few other elements actually do. In no particular order, here are six things we want to see on The Originals:

1. Fewer love triangles

The Vampire Diaries has done the love triangle to death and we think it’d be nice if the focus of The Originals could be shifted away from needless romantic drama. However, the possibility of less love triangles already seems unlikely as sources say that a new character, a human psychology student fascinated by the concept of evil, catches Klaus’s attention. With Hayley already in New Orleans, and Caroline back in Mystic Falls, we’re already sensing the setup of another geometric love mess. But believe us when we say that not having the main one (pictured above) entangled in it all does make us at least just a bit hopeful. Though, we’re tired of the will-they-won’t-they, back and forth between two suitors. Please The Originals, just have a vampire story and stick to it.

2. More Rebekah

Does this even need a justification? Rebekah is funnier and far more layered than her brothers. We want to see Rebekah finally get her happy ending. None of her love interests so far have panned out and it doesn’t seem likely that she’ll be getting the cure. It would be nice if she met someone in New Orleans. Of course, we’d be okay if Rebekah stayed in Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries. Basically, we just want more Rebekah in general, because we love her…just the way she is.

3. Flashbacks

Generally, the flashback episodes on The Vampire Diaries are completely useless but the Originals have lived far longer, far more interesting lives than the Salvatore brothers. They have a fascinating backstory and it would be gratifying to see more of it beyond the few flashback scenes we’ve had on TVD. We’d really like to see flashbacks featuring some of the other family members who are now dead, such as Kol, who always seemed like he had the potential to be an interesting character. Bonus points if they get Nina Dobrev to cameo for an episode and play the original Petrova doppleganger Tatia, who we’ve yet to see. Oh no, here we go with the love triangles again!

4. Klaus being a villain

Let’s be honest, the longer Klaus hung around Mystic Falls, the more quickly his credibility as a villain dropped. We want to see less of PiKlauso and more of Klaus circa season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. The good news is that The Originals sure does have a lot of material it can work with — what with Klaus being, like, 1,000 years old and whatnot. Maybe we can see some of his earlier ruthless days, or perhaps a new environment can allow Klaus to actually live up to his villainous reputation. Either way, more Klaus being Klaus as he was.

5. Crossovers

This spinoff needs to have some (read: many) crossovers with The Vampire Diaries.  What would the world be without Klaus bantering with the Salvatore brothers? Or Rebekah and Elena engaging in their frenemy relationship? Plus there are the Stefan/Rebekah, Katherine/Elijah, and, most importantly, Klaroline relationship that need to still exist.  And speaking of Katherine, since she isn’t technically a regular character on The Vampire Diaries, can Nina Dobrev pull double duty and be a regular on both shows? (Probably not, but we can dream.)