After weeks of interesting storylines and some much needed character development, I have to say that this episode was a disappointment, mostly due to Barney’s ignorance towards his impending nuptials. Although I have to say, I liked the overall theme of dealing (or not dealing) with one’s own insecurities, which added something to an otherwise lackluster episode.

This episode mainly focused on the two main relationships on the show, Barney and Robin and Marshall and Lilly.  Let’s start with Barney and Robin.  The entire episode revolved around Barney’s constant “appreciation” for women, even though he’s engaged. Right from the first, scene, Barney makes some remark about bars only being for drinking and picking up women. Then, Robin walks in with “Liddy” the wedding planner, who Ted claims has a “redonkulous” body — which as Barney states, is reserved for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol-level awesomeness. This set up the whole storyline of the three of them trying to get Liddy to take her coat off, allowing Barney to bring up one of his many rules, which is that only a man who has found the love of his life can ask a women to take off a coat and not be creepy and refers to Marshall. After all Barney’s growth in the last few episodes, this story felt as though he was reverting back to season 3 Barney. This was the moment I knew things were going to get tense and awkward around the table because, we see that Robin is beginning to question his love for her, so she puts him to the test and tells him that he should ask Liddy to take off her coat, considering he too, in fact, found the love of his life. So with great restraint and suppression, he asks her and she readily agrees, proving both Robin and Ted wrong (Ted also makes the funniest noise when she say yes, which is always a plus). However, when Robin and Liddy leave, is when things start to go south. Barney just goes on and on about women and Liddy’s body, with little disregard for Robin, but justifies it by saying that she’s cool with it. But being the great friend Ted is, he offers Barney some advice and tells him he need to stop talking about other women and needs to start acting as though he’s about to get married (in three weeks, to boot) because Robin might not be so cool as she comes off. Unfortunately, Barney doesn’t want to listen, but rather snaps at Ted, saying that he’s just jealous that Robin chose him (Barney). I have to say, this was uncalled for by because Ted was trying to genuinely give advice to one of his best friends and Barney didn’t need to shove the fact the he ended up with Robin in Ted’s face. Also, given the fact that Ted was the one to convince Robin to go to Barney, despite his own feelings, made this moment seemed discounted from the show and story as a whole. It seemed somewhat out of character for Barney because he is never cynical towards Ted or the rest of group; although, I understand it might be coming from a place of insecurities about Ted’s feeling for Robin and his own feeling towards marriage.

Anyway, let’s move on to the big news, which is that Lily and Marshall are moving to Rome. Let’s start from the beginning, the Captain plans to move to Rome and asked Lily to join him to be his art consultant. This is a problem because she doesn’t want to uproot her family, especially since Marshall has a stable, job that he loves. However, once Lily finds out that the law firm is going under since its last case, she tells Marshall that she turned down this great opportunity, so Marshall goes to the Captain to get her job back, which she does successfully. Nevertheless, Lily turns it down once again because of her own insecurities of failing and Marshall running off with some Italian women. This storyline featured a lot of black and white dream sequences of Lily’s vision of what life in Rome will be like. Even though it was somewhat funny, the show seems to be doing these dream, flash-forward/back scenes a lot, which takes away from the intended effect. Back to the story, Marshall and Lily talk out the situation, in their sweet and comedic way (a one Italian phrase conversation) and she decides to go. At this point, I’m a little confused as to where they are going with this storyline; I understand that HIMYM was preparing for a season finale so this storyline makes sense in that context. Since they are now that they’re picked up for another season, they’re going to have to find a way to backtrack and keep my favorite couple in the New York for one more year.

The tag at the end of the episode jumps back to Barney walking into his apartment where he finds Robin wearing a big coat and then the episode ends. It was a strange way to end the episode because it felt as through there was supposed to be more to that scene.

Did you like the episode? Do you think Barney was out of line? What do you think about Lily and Marshall’s big move to Rome?