After last week’s solid episode featuring new plot developments — Lily and Marshall moving to Rome and Ted and Barney’s heated confrontation — I was really disappointed with this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother in terms of its contribution to the overall plot, which failed to show the repercussions of the decision previously made by these characters. Nevertheless, it was a good standalone episode that had a lot of fun, comedic moments.

The entire episode revolved around Barney’s bachelor party, or in his words a “Bro Mitzvah.” Back when he and Quinn were engaged, he gave the guys a list of things that he needed to have at his bachelor party, in order to make it memorable. Now that he and Robin are getting married, Ted and Marshall decided it was time to plan his bachelor party, with a little help from Robin and a few other people. Unfortunately, the first half of the episode is spent in a downward spiral of this supposed awesome bachelor party. Nothing at the party goes right: they end up at some sketchy hotel room, get the wrong Karate Kid, and Quinn shows up as the stripper — which as you can imagine, is a little awkward considering their past. This all culminates in Barney losing thousands of dollars at a casino as well as Robin finding out that he was with Quinn, forcing her to break off their engagement. All these events had their funny moments, like Lily constantly trying to seduce Ralph Macchio, Barney’s hatred for Ralph Macchio, and Future Ted thinking he actually knew what was going on at the casino. Also, Barney’s mother explaining sex to Robin (Barney told his mother she was a virgin) was pretty hilarious; she chose some interesting props that made Robin feel pretty uncomfortable, which was very funny to watch. This was a nice contrast from all the emotional moments from the last couple of episodes.

Once Barney reaches his low point of the night, we find out that this was all one big prank on Barney. Robin planned the whole thing in order to give him the most memorable bachelor party by making sure it was the worst one possible. So as Barney enters his apartment, everyone is there to surprise him and when he finds out that it was all fake, he is quite overjoyed that Robin was able to give him such an amazing bachelor party. All I have to say in regards to this is that Robin knows Barney quite well, and they are certainty a perfect match.

Even though this was a fun episode that had lots of laughs, I’m surprised that they chose to do a filler episode right before the final two. I was hoping and expecting for it to be more plot driven — for the overall plot — as an episode that would set up the last two.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you like the whole plot twist? What do you think will happen in the last two episodes?