I don’t have much to say, and this will be more of my thoughts on The Mindy Project‘s first season than the finale, but I felt as though I had to write something. The Mindy Project truly trudged into my life as the dark horse — even if it’s just a little something. Mindy sort of grew on me in a way that I certainly did not expect. I had watched the pilot episode, and a few here and there (the club episode was quite good early on), but I never really watched week after week until halfway into the season, after the retooling.

And what a retooling. Somehow, Mindy and Co. had done it. And little by little, I found myself looking forward to Mindy episodes a lot more than New Girl episodes. Even during tonight’s finale episodes, I sort-of watched New Girl with my laptop open, surfing and editing recaps to publish. When Mindy came on, I closed my laptop and seated myself up to give it my full attention. I can’t be the only one who has had this happen. And I’m not saying this in a way to suggest how could this happen? Mindy!? I like Mindy MORE? I never loved New Girl immensely anyway, but also: Mindy Project is hella funny, y’all. That’s really all there is to it. It’s fantastically hilarious. And it’s sense of humor is a great blend of the post-30 Rock generation of sitcoms coalesced with its natural voice.

Recently, there’s been a discussion about sitcoms and whether or not they’re just joke-machines or if they could work as actual storytelling tools. In my view, sense of humor changes and adapts as newer generations are born. It happens with taste in music. I don’t see why no one has really thought about it that way for humor, as well. And we are living in a 30 Rock world. The just-canceled Happy Endings can attest to it. New Girl sometimes borrows that same humor. Go On was just as zany. It’s now acceptable to write comedy this way. And I may be in the minority, but I’m all for it. When it works like it does on Mindy, I even cheer it on.

But it’s not just its humor; it’s also made me care about its characters too, and their relationships with each other (in such a short period of time, to boot). Mindy, specifically, has fantastic chemistry with all of her suitors. When it comes to guest-star Anders Holm, the situation is no different. Tonight, I was even a bit saddened that their relationship ended. Thank goodness, it didn’t. Holm is absolutely a fantastic fit on the show.

I still think the series is a bit crowded in terms of cast, and it can certainly cut some people out, but it utilizes the right people perfectly. And I’m glad I have another, of extremely few, comedy that consistently makes me laugh. Thanks, The Mindy Project. See you in the fall!

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