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During this week’s four episodes, we get to learn a lot about Dyson and Lauren’s past while delving deeper into the Lauren side of the triangle. But does it work?

Before we begin, let me say I should actually be writing a paper and accompanying speech, so I’ve got to bang this one out quickly. Which is just the irony, because I watched all four of them yesterday (some of them at 2AM today) just so they’d be fresher in my mind.

In short: yes it works and no it doesn’t work, as is always the case.

First, it happened with Buffy and it’s happening again: obviously the writers went back in time after reading my recaps and re-wrote the episodes. OBVIOUSLY. Last week (or a few days ago), I mentioned that the entire Lauren/Ash mystery really needs to be connected to her relationship with Bo somehow to actually work, and guess what… that’s exactly what happened!

Okay, so maybe the writers are just capable of writing a good story and don’t actually possess time-travelling abilities. But I, for one, and glad for the way it turned out, and that it didn’t take forever to finally get there. I was beginning to think that we’d never find out why Lauren is so loyal to the Ash.

It turns out, Lauren has a girlfriend in a coma and has vowed to work for the Ash in return for all their resources to help her girlfriend Nadia get better. Yes! This explains so much and is perfect; I didn’t even see it coming. I was beginning to think the Ash was Lauren’s father or something. (I suppose that could still be the case.) Some may find it a bit melodramatic, but I think it was the perfect plot twist to explain why Lauren has been behaving the way she has — the loyalty, the unwillingness to stand up to the Ash(es), doing most if not everything they asked. Plus, as we found out in the final of these four episodes, Nadia was cursed… she wasn’t infected. So, I think that kind of takes away from the soap opera of it all. I’m good with that.

As I’m writing this, I’m also realizing it creates a separate love triangle and things could get messy down the road. I don’t know how I feel about a potential love trapezoid, but I think the Lost Girl writers did something quite intelligent here by giving both Dyson and Lauren other love interests. I guess that makes it a love pentagon.

From one episode to the next, we discover that Dyson had a past love (well, a past flirtation) and then we find out about Nadia. I’m just glad it gives both characters something other than lusting after Bo, basically.

And… that’s really all that happened during this four episodes. I’m not mad at it. It appears as though the season is heading straight towards the Bo/Lauren relationship, as every episode sort of ended on their status. I do have some issues, but those are exclusive to the respective episodes…

2×05 “BrotherFae of the Wolves”

lostgirl205Ugh, you guys, I really don’t like History Lesson episodes (which is my moniker for flashback episodes) unless they’re on Revenge, which seems to be the only show which can get them right. They always just feel too conveniently placed and manipulative. Just me? Okay. But that’s not really what was wrong with this episode, or at least that’s not all that was wrong; did anyone find this episode especially clumsy? And why couldn’t anyone see what was happening two feet away from them?

Literally Hale was looking in the direction Dyson’s friend was lying down and he didn’t see him flee? What? And it’s only one instance where this happens this episode.

What did work this episode was the comedy: an older lady who just wants to watch daytime game shows is one of the most dangerous weapons ever? I died. Lauren explaining scientifically how to make cupcakes? Yes, please. Bo making everyone uncomfortable with her post-coitus status? That’s good with me!

2×06 “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away”

lostgirl206As soon as I saw Vex had returned, I was all, “YES YES YES!!!!” In short, this episode worked for me on a lot of levels. I even liked the dark fae leader! What? Craziness.

Again, I think the show has a problem with obviousness here; we get the entire two-minute exchange between Bo and the assistant for… um, what reason exactly? Oh, because she must be the culprit! I think a simple “How can you stand to work here?” “It ain’t so bad!” and moving on would have sufficed. But as soon as she was all, “Meh, I wasn’t a good painter anyhow!” you’re like, oh okay she did it. You know? This tactic worked in the final of these four episodes where Bo thinks the painting is the guy’s life source — but then it turns out it’s not!

Which brings me to something I want to ask: Do you guys ever find yourselves liking the guest characters way too much? I think the actress who fulfilled the role here was quite capable and it was kind of a shame she died. But the guest characters on the show have mostly been quite engaging. Like, I want to see more of Velma. And I was actually interested in the mother/daughter storyline in the next episode. Or Mumphert. WHY DID MUMPHERT HAVE TO GO?

This episode illuminated some deep-rooted intimacy issues Kenzi might have. Sure it was maybe a throwaway line from Lauren, but Kenzi and Bo are more alike than we’d think. However, Bo has been given the gift of forging deeper connections with other characters, while Kenzi has mostly been given bupkis and fluffy connections. Perhaps we’ll see Kenzi fostering relationships outside of Bo’s network… though I guess for now it doesn’t seem likely.

And finally, I’m glad the series gave Anna Silk another beat to play. When Bo finds out Lauren has a girlfriend, I was sort of disappointed she was only given 30 seconds of rage. We want more Mad Bo! However, I think there may be something wrong with me or how the stories are always realized. Never once have I ever been “mad” at Dyson or Lauren for “betraying” Bo when I think I should be. When Dyson was omitting information in season one, I didn’t really think it mattered all that much; when Lauren slept with Bo because the Ash told her to, I didn’t even think it was a big deal; and when I found out Lauren had a girlfriend, I was like “meh.”

I think part of the problem is Bo also gets over everything so quickly. Here, we have one scene where she yells at Vex. Then the next episodes she’s sort of just irritated by Lauren. And even then, I knew there had to be a good explanation for Lauren never saying she had a girlfriend. It’s really stupid for me to be complaining about this but I feel as though both Lauren and Dyson care for Bo, so their supposed betrayals never amount to much as I’m watching. Perhaps I’m too trusting of their characters already.

2×07 “Fae Gone Wild”


I honestly feel like this is the Lost Girl episode we have all be waiting for. It’s as though every series, we’re all looking forward to the stripper episode, and then this one comes.

Also, basically, I just want more Kenzi and Bo going undercover at sleazy places. Is that too much to ask? Illegal casinos, strip joints, swingers’ clubs, all the regular places. Do more of that.

I have nothing more to add, really.

2×08 “Death Didn’t Become Him”

lostgirl208Once again, I feel as though we have another clumsy episode. Your mileage may vary, however. Perhaps I was just sleepy and grumpy when I watched this but I just was like, “Okay but when do the credits roll?” during this.

Where before, I sort of liked the cases of the week because of the characters, this episode I just could not care less for them.

Let’s talk plusses: New Kenzi wig! Like two of them. What’s the total on the Kenzi wigs? Also, a bit more sexual frustration between Kenzi and Hale. We’ll take it.

Oh, and… BO’S DEMONIC VOICE WHAT IN THE WORLD? There’s been a lot of talk (from episode one of the series) about how Bo is kind of special but has yet to tap into the place just yet. And as we’ve seen from certain moments (I’m talking about the “I can make you love me” line), there’s something darker inside of her. But did we previously know she subconsciously wants to be the only authority standing?

No, and I love it. I’ve long been clamoring to have more of Bo’s dark side shown and thankfully was given just a little taste during this otherwise, um, well let’s just say this part of the episode was awesome.

That’s a wrap, as they say. These four episodes were really just to get into the mystery that is Lauren, which I’m glad they finally paid any attention to. For me, the payoff was satisfactory. And I’m wondering how things will turn out once Nadia awakens from her slumber (too soon?). Also, the other use for these four episodes: get everyone half-naked. I can’t be the only one who noticed that these four basically served for gratuitous semi-nudity. Go on wit cho bad self, Lost Girl! And lastly, are there not female police officers? Zero? Oh, okay. Remember how that witness kissed Dyson in that one episode for no reasons? That police station really arouses anyone that sets foot in it. Basically, we all need to all take future dates to that place. Where is the location?

Sorry I didn’t write a ton more! Or you’re welcome for writing a ton less, if that’s your thing. I actually stuck to the deadline this week, does that not give me points?

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