It’s season three of Lost Girl, and Bo and Lauren are finally together together. Y’all know what that means!

They’re doin’ it

lost girl 302

and doin’ it

lost girl 304

and doin’ it well.

lost girl 304b

But of course, there are complications. There always are when you’re dealing with a succubus. Ah, such is life. But we’ll get to that later.

Let me preface by saying that, for some reason, I don’t have very many things to talk about and/or analyze for Lost Girl this week. Also, I’m apparently making Tuesdays the day for these, but I promise I never mean to. Life is just getting in the way.

So with that said, I’ll try to make this a quick one.

Season 3 Premiere, “Caged Fae”

lost girl 301

Let’s first start at the beginning of the season: Bo robs a bank, makes it rain at a club entrance, and then is arrested at Trick’s place by Dyson. Could there have been a better opener than, “I’m Bo, bitches!”? I don’t think so. The only thing that made me a bit disheartened was that it was all a ruse. I thought the Lost Girl team had decided to get straight to all the darkness, and I was feeling it. But I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Going undercover at an all-female prison is just as well.

In fact, I thought that Lost Girl was trying to do an allegory for female oppression by other women during the season premiere, but then it turned out that the warden of sorts was actually a man and I was like, “Whelp.” It was more inline with the current way of life anyway.

What I liked about the premiere, however, was it felt very high-concept … well, in a way. Most of the time, watching a Lost Girl episode is like watching our characters pull a few zingers while walking back and forth between sets (in a good way, guys), but “Caged Fae” had much more impact than that. Sure, it ended in strange Lost Girl fashion but … hey, it wasn’t the only episode during these first four that actually did. Because, um, A CAT? I LOL’d really hard with that.

But thankfully, not all the darkness had been dismissed. While walking out of the bar, Bo spots some random guy in an alley and sucks him dry of his chi! (Well, not completely; we later learn that he’s in a coma, but still! Waiting for where that develops.)


lost girl 302

The followup episode isn’t as much fun as the previous one. One of the aspects of the show I liked most from the second half of season two was that they had moved away from the whodunnits, but season three brings it back (with a vengeance). Like I said, at times it works and others it’s just hilarious (re: Dr. Bob the Cat).

“SubterrFaenean” decided to just prolong us finding out another clue about what’s underneath Bo’s surface. Honestly, this episode accomplished two things: (1) We met Tamsin and (2) Dreamcatcher Lady is very scared about what she saw in Bo’s subconscious.

On the Tamsin front, there isn’t much to report on yet. I know she’s a polarizing character, but thus far I don’t have any strong opinions one way or another. Then again, I know the meat of her story is in the latter half of the season. So I’m holding out on that.

About Bo, this could get tricky for other people, and even though I was okay with the show getting into the middle of that storyline from the beginning of the season, I’m also a fan of the slow burn the show has been giving this story from the pilot. Of course, there are actual, tangible consequences for not addressing this part of Bo unlike in the past. And as Bo said herself, if her mother was a prisoner, then what kind of monster could her father have been?

Whereas the beginning of the series had us questioning “who is Bo? who is Bo?” and failing, with respect to me individually, now that we know Trick is her grandfather, I just want to know details of her paternal unit even more. So we know that her bloodline gives her some special abilities and that it was easy to get hooked on that power, as proven by her mom Aife, but are there no other DNA qualities mixing in there to make a cocktail of power-hungry succubus that is Bo? I don’t think I particularly am expecting the show to dig quite further into that this season; after all, there’s still so much to explore about Bo’s psyche that is bubbling currently. But just in case they do, I’m welcoming it with open arms.


lost girl 303
So let’s talk about another one of the most amazing Lost Girl episodes ever. “ConFaegion” is Lost Girl camp of the “Original Skin” variety. In fact, both episodes are largely set up to serve Kenzi’s relationship with either side of Bo’s triangle. In “Original Skin,” Lauren was mainly out of commission. But in “ConFaegion,” humans Lauren and Kenzi are immune to the Morrigan’s parasite which forces them to develop a sort of rapport. Well maybe rapport is too strong a word, but at least now they don’t completely irritate one another.

The way I’ve tried to explain this one away in my brain is that, for Kenzi, no one has actually tried to reason what Lauren’s motivations were in the beginning for her. So Lauren, in her eyes, must still seem kind of sketchy. Plus, Lauren is the only other human that Bo has regular contact with (and a strong connection). Perhaps Kenzi feels a bit threatened by that relationship in a way that she never could with Dyson.

And what a relationship she does have with Dyson! Maybe it’s not her place to say, but could Kenzi have ever kept a secret from Bo for this long? We’ve got to speculate it’s been about two months since Dyson got his “heart” back, and yet Kenzi hasn’t outed him for it. In the next episode, Bo sleeps with Dyson; maybe that could be the final straw? But for the most part, there hasn’t really seemed to be a struggle here on Kenzi’s part to keep such pertinent information to herself. Again, I know it’s not technically her place, but I’d reason that it’s Bo’s right to know.

Mostly I appreciate the show’s commitment to developing a relationship between Kenzi and Lauren now that Bo has committed herself to Lauren. I guess tension between the two allows for more compelling television, but I think we’ve seen enough of that in the past two seasons. Besides, their conversation was illuminating. As we’ve seen, Kenzi does feel a bit left out of the group as the only person without any actual abilities. (This brilliantly comes back in the next episode.) I’d say she needs to keep focus on her Russian connections, but to be in a group of supernatural creatures along with Lauren who is quite resourceful in a book-intelligent way, Bo getting closer to her must have Kenzi feeling as though she’s grasping at nothing for a bit of intimacy. As for Lauren, it’s interesting to get a different perspective on Kenzi, who we’ve seen from our own lens. Lost Girl has done a great job of developing each character, including the pragmatic Lauren. To Lauren, Kenzi must seem disorganized and childish to a fault. But just like Lauren, Kenzi can be quite resourceful. I think there’s more in common between them than they will ever realize.

Anyway, “ConFaegion” was simply hilarious! Was I the only one who face-palmed because I remember myself saying some of what Bo, Tamsin and Dyson were saying in my younger years? “Want to see my room!?” Ugh. Also, personally, Dyson’s had to be the most funny transformation; the guy even changed the inflection and tone of his voice. Death by hilarity.

Also, Vex!!!!!! Do I need to say more than that? I was so glad that Vex stuck around, but then I got sad that he left by this episode. Vex, Bo and Kenzi make for the best Three’s Company dynamic ever. Come back, Vex!

“Fae-de to Black”

lost girl 304

Kenzi, gurl, we needs to talk. Go to a doctor, please! My biggest fear with the Kenzi plot here is that her rash might turn her into something more than who she is. Obviously, we want her to go through arcs, but I don’t think I’m ready for her to become supernatural or something. But obviously, Lost Girl is making use of its sidelines Kenzi storyline for good measure.

Did anyone catch the Michael Corleone moment with Hale? Inspired.

Speaking of, Hale as the new Ash was all that I wanted from the beginning of season two. Instead, they went with Lachlan. I was upset then, but quickly got over it as my liking of Lachlan’s character grew. Unfortunately, I think what we get is less of Hale. Yes, even less of him. For some reason, it was always difficult to bring Hale’s character into the fold of things from the get-go. I don’t even think that Lost Girl capitalized on the the Dyson and Hale relationship as much as they could have. In fact, Dyson sleeping with his sister could have been a bigger plot point than it has truly been. But now that he and Dyson have a bit of a divide between them, he has left his cop job, and is now the leader of the light fae, the result is a diminishing of his character even further in my opinion. Considering that the season thus far has not created a storyline where the Ash is of much importance, unlike last year, I don’t know how much of that is going to change but I would hope it does.

Meanwhile, Bo and Dyson also do it well. If you’ve been reading my reviews for some time, you may know that I’m not the biggest fan of love triangles. That said, I haven’t really had any huge gripes with Lost Girl‘s except for the too-endgame-ish heart storyline. Thankfully, that’s been restored, so we can see both sides of the triangle as equal parties again.

We could try to grab our pitchforks at Dyson here, but these were such dire circumstances that I don’t really know how to feel about the situation. All I can say is that I actually squeed at the dynamics the writers have set up here: Bo is with Lauren but needs more than just a human to, well, survive basically, but she can’t sleep with Dyson even though they already have and he hasn’t told her that he loves her again. It’s straight out of a demented soap opera on crack, but it’s particularly unique and I’m excited by it.

I think it’s also interesting how differently Lauren and Dyson responded to Bo’s need of having an open relationship (which, by now, makes Lost Girl like a twofer on types of relationships it’s showcasing). Then again, with Dyson, Bo wasn’t dying or anything. But “wolves mate for life.” She may not like it, but as we’ve mentioned, Lauren is someone who has a very technical way of thinking about these issues.

Okay so now I have to go play episode five because what happened with Kenzi oh my god!? I said I’d make this short and then just wrote a whole bunch o’ nuthin! Sorry, guys!

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