The Guy who Gets a WeaveOkay so who is still watching America’s Next Top Model? Anybody? No? Just me? Well okay then.  If you haven’t seen it, this season has a new twist: half of the contestants are boys! So now the house is full of sexual tension and there is a whole new dimension to the ever present drama.

This episode starts up with Tyra clearing up the rumors about her and fellow judge Rob. Despite the teaser from Tyra, they are not actually dating, but they DO have great chemistry, which is what they are going to teach the contestants about (which they can actually do now that there are boys competing).  According to Tyra and Rob, the 3 steps to chemistry are fresh breath, tension, and inhale.  There isn’t supposed to be any real action during this test, but that proves to be a bit difficult for some of the contestants, while others struggle to keep the sexy going with their partners.

This teach leads to a photo shoot, as it tends to do, and the contestants have to take sexy photo with Rob and Alessandra Ambrosio, so obvi both sexes are super excited.  Now I’m not real up to date on what the cool looks for male models are, but Jeremy and Mike were really rocking some Blue Steel in their shoots. They are cute, but they can’t possibly be doing well in this competition, can they? Zoolander is not supposed to be used for real modeling tips.  None of the boys really seemed that impressive to me, but like I said, I’m no expert (and one of the female models seems to think the boys are bigger competition so they must be doing something right).  This new dynamic is making it tough for me to get a clue as to who might be going home.  Not cool, Tyra, not cool.

After the photo shoot it is time for everyone’s favorite activity: MAKEOVERS!! I started tuning in to this show just in time! In a pretty humorous and unexpected twist, the token person to become depressed over their makeover is actually one of the guys, who gets a cue ball shaved head (he doesn’t actually cry, but he sure comes close).  Another new moment in the makeover segment was when some of the guys had to get waxed.  Now, I’m not all sold on this ‘adding boys to the competition’ thing, but this activity sure pushed me closer to reaching that point.  I love watching others get waxed, particularly men. What that says about me as a person I’m not entirely sure, but I embrace it.

My boo Kelly shows once again that she is the bigger man and takes the time to smooth things over with Chlea, who apparently gave her some sass in last week’s panel.  When will these girls learn that you can’t go up against Kelly Cutrone?  You just can’t.

Unfortunately that little chat didn’t help Chlea’s standing at judging, as she gets one of the lowest scores, and even though quite a few contestants get low scores, she ends up in the bottom two along with a newly blonde Don.  The fans pick the boy model (duh) and Chlea heads to the comeback competition (yeah, that is happening again).  Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to all that you shouldn’t cross Kelly.  It doesn’t end well.  None of the pictures are stellar, but Mike’s Blue Steel is apparently better than everyone else’s and he pulls out the best photo, making it two guy winners in a row.  Will it continue next week? Will next week’s winner also use their best Blue Steel? I can’t wait to find out!!