The Girl Who Went Around in CirclesThis week’s America’s Next Top Model starts off with a bit of drama between the boys, surprisingly.  Chris gets upset when Mike tells him to ‘shut the f— up’.  It seems like a bit of an overreaction, but he says it reminded him of some trauma from his childhood with his mom. I don’t know; I’m just surprised the first tiff of the season I’ve seen is between the male contestants.  But Chris comes clean to the whole house about his poor upbringing so the others are cool with him….except for Mike, who still wants him to act like a grown up.

The next day the models meet up with Johnny for their second runway challenge of the competition.  Mike is nervous because he is the worst walker ever according to Kelly and as an added challenge this runway will be spinning! Nina is also scared because she has a sprained ankle from casting, but challenges are super important with this new point system so she really can’t skip it.

The runway proves to be difficult for quite a few of the contestants, but a couple did really well, with Jourdan getting the win.  Since she says runway is her ‘thing’ I guess it is good that she could back up her word.  Mike and Jeremy got the lowest scores, so they really need to step it up at the photoshoot.

The photoshoot is all about ‘trailer park chic’ as Johnny calls it.  I don’t really know what is so ‘chic’ about it, but let’s just roll with it.  The models get to choose who they pose with in order of their ranking at last week’s panel, which doesn’t cause quite the drama that I’m sure Tyra was hoping for.  During their frames, Jeremy continues to struggle and Mike continues to coast on his good looks. Nina is still worried about her ankle, but her partner, Phil, seems to get good feedback from Johnny and the photographer.

At judging Kelly must be in a good mood because she is throwing out good scores for everyone! Except for poor Jeremy, that is. He gets poor scores from everyone.  Jourdan ends up sweeping the day with a best photo to go with her challenge win and Mike and Jeremy, the two lowest challenge scorers, end up in the bottom two.  Jeremy doesn’t know how to use the body he has and Mike just doesn’t seem to photograph well, but ultimately it is Jeremy who has a chance to figure things out while Mike is sent off to the comeback competition.

Next week it looks like we get some girl fights and some make outs. Two of my favorite things!