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the following vs nikita

In some ways, it’s a weird comparison to have The Following and Nikita go against each other, considering one is just beginning and the other is only six episodes away from leaving the airwaves. I think the thought process with pitting these two against each other is that they have something to do with government agencies and murders and whatnot. Or something like that.

Whatever the case (badum-psh!), there’s no denying that these are a couple of the fastest-moving series on television at the moment. And truth be told, Nikita‘s first 10 episodes or so followed in the Following‘s footsteps: a cat-and-mouse game between the two leads. In The Following, it’s Kevin Bacon going after Joe Carroll. In Nikita, it was Michael chasing after Nikita, but always letting her slip through the cracks.

But even then, and definitely still now, there was a glimmer of fearlessness with Nikita that you don’t really see with The Following. Sure, there have only been 15 produced episodes of the Bacon vehicle (which makes me think of a bacon food truck and someone needs to invent that), but even those 15 hours have proven it’s just not as dedicated to digging deep into the issues it presents. Even the news that’s been released recently proves it’s not interested in moving forward, either. Joe Carroll will return, although we supposedly saw him burn, as will his wife, even though the writers of the show reportedly have said they didn’t know if there was any more story to tell about her.

Nikita has always shown that it’s not afraid to move forward. For the first two seasons, every 11 episodes or so would shift everything on its head. They just never let anything get stale, always knowing when to move along and tie an open thread before it’s been too long. And then in the season two finale: they killed their main villain off. I just don’t think you should expect that from The Following any time soon.

Besides, Nikita has also never been afraid to dig deep into its characters and their motivations. In season two, it didn’t shy away from revealing that its main lead had a pleasant fixation with murder. Last season, it developed an addiction plot that was 100 percent organic for another character, and had its male lead battle with losing a limb and what that meant for his life in the spy business. Sure, some elements of Nikita can be quite outlandish, but it’s never afraid to have it relate to everyone on a human level.

Of course, you’ll get a ton of impaled bodies every episode on The Following, but don’t ever expect it to flesh out its characters for the sake of it or even if they should. That’s great, if that’s what you want. But Nikita charges forward while maintaining equal balance with its emotional stories, its character development, all while never losing its element.

Winner: Nikita

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