The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the GirlThis episode picks up after last week’s panel and all the models are annoyed with  Jourdan who has taken to just standing in the main room gawking at her best photo winning picture; which really is a pretty obnoxious thing to do.  Because she won she also gets to control phone time, meaning she gets to divvy up the one hour of phone time between all the contestants and she doesn’t win any new friends by taking over 15 minutes to assure her boyfriend that all the photos being taken are very professional even if they are naked. Everyone is pissed off and Jourdan and her two friends think it is because of jealousy, but I think anyone with eyes can see that it is really just because she finally won once and has been stuffing it down their throats ever since.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is at the challenge with BryanBoy to feed silly and awkward questions to the models who will be interviewing random people on the streets.  This is supposed to help the contestants learn how to be fashion correspondents but most of the questions Perez and Bryan throw out really don’t have much to do with fashion. Poor Marvin is uncomfortable with pretty much all the questions given to him because he doesn’t want to ‘bash’ people like Perez has been known to do, so he does pretty horribly on this challenge which is probably going to hurt him come judging time.  Hopefully he can pull out a good performance at the shoot.  Jeremy ended up winning this challenge; because he got naked or because he actually did well? Who knows, but he picked Jourdan to share his prize dinner with him because he has a little puppy dog crush, even though she has a boyfriend.

This week’s photo shoot isn’t a photo shoot at all, instead the models are filming a fragrance commercial and they are dressing up as the opposite sex!  And as an added twist, the models have to pick someone to kiss at the end of the commercial.  This provides a chance for Jourdan and Jeremy and Phil and Jiana to act on some of the sexual tension that has been building between them.  Most of the contestants look pretty ridiculous dressed in drag, except for Cory who has done this in the past and works it like a true diva.  I think he might be my long lost gay BFF and I want to have more of him in my life.

Jourdan, bless her heart, says before her take: “I come from a town of only white people so I have no idea what being goth is all about.” Um, WHAT???? Poor thing really isn’t too bright is she? If she has seen this show before she should know that ignorance is never an excuse for a poor performance.

At judging Kanani got the first perfect score I’ve seen this season, but Corey still manages to get the best photo of the week and Kanani only pulls off second place.  Poor Alexandria clearly got the lowest score from the judges (and she already had a low score from the challenge) so she winds up in the bottom two along with Jiana.  Unfortunately the bad scores were too much to overcome and Alexandria is sent off to the comeback competition.

After watching the preview I honestly have no idea what is going on next week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited! I’m sure there will be drama and photos and craziness just like there always is!