The Girl Who’s Scared of ClownIf you don’t remember from last week, Cory’s fabulous self won best photo and because he felt bad for poor Jianna, who had a traumatizing experience in the bottom two, he picks her to share the Tyra suit with him.  Unfortunately Phil seems to think they are a package deal until Cory kicks him out of the suit.  LOL Phil, let’s not forget your girlfriend again.

We are also reminded of the added bonuses boys bring to the competition: sexual tension (Phil and Jianna, Jeremy and Jourdan, and Nina and Chris are all feeling the love) and pranks.  In the beginning of this episode the guys decide to tape a bunch of clothes and things everywhere.  This is a fairly harmless prank and none of the girls are really angry, but everyone knows prank wars always escalate and end in a big drop down fight.

For the challenge this week the models are split into 3 teams to design an ad campaign for the clothing line Emerson.  Phil’s ADHD is apparently a storyline this week and it affects his work on the challenge.  At one point he cuts off the sleeves of a DESIGNER SHIRT and Kelly is having none of it and forces him to change.  For a second I thought she was going to kick him out of the challenge, but she’s clearly become softer this season which makes me a little sad.  Phil also breaks a fence accidentally while they are working on their campaign which Kelly was also not thrilled with.  Basically, he was just a mess and clearly this is not his week.

Kanani, Renee, and Jourdan’s team get the win this week and Phil’s antics leave his team in the bottom, which really harms his relationship with Jianna who was unfortunate enough to be on his team. Poor girl really has been having some awful luck lately.  Chris was also on the losing team and he starts taking his anxiousness out on everyone in the house, including his girl Nina.  All these couples are just falling apart, I guess the competition is getting wayyy to intense!

When the models get back to the house the prank war escalates when the boys throw a toy clown into the girls room.  Kanani has a paralyzing fear of clowns so this incident just spikes her stress level WAY up and she is not happy.  I smell a fight coming if these pranks continue and I can’t wait!

At the photoshoot the models are finally doing their first solo shoot.  They are selling nails, which is a little more difficult for the boys, but since there are less girls left in the competition this was probably by design. The photographer is crazy and fabulous this week and is all up in the models’ space.  We’ve never seen a character like him before on a photoshoot but I hope we see more! The lovers quarrels lead to some struggles for both Nina and Chris and for Jeremy (him and Jourdan have a little tiff before their shoot and Jourdan can’t shut up about it while Jeremy is taking his pictures.  That’s pretty rude, lady.  Go gossip in the bathroom like most girls do).  Kanani also has a rough shoot because she is still scarred from the previous night’s clown incident. She had a good challenge score, but photoshoot scores are definitely more important.

After the shoot the models learn the TWO people will be eliminated at judging.  CURVEBALL.  This announcement does not help the stress levels of all the strugglers in the competition.  At judging, unsurprisingly all the strugglers get some bad reviews and poor Jianna still doesn’t get very good scores so she has to sweat it out too.  But lucky for them Jeremy gets what is probably the lowest score I have ever seen in the scoring version of this show, so things really don’t look good for him.  Marvin gets two 10s from the judges, but he still misses out on best photo to Jourdan who won despite having no neck in her photo.  Even with all the mediocre scores, the bottom three ends up being Phil, Jeremy, and Kanani.  Jeremy has the lowest score, as we could already guess, so he is sent home first and Kanani quickly joins him.  She completely breaks down, but she can’t forget that there is the comeback competition! It isn’t completely over yet for her or for Jeremy.

Next week Marvin and Chris butt heads and it causes Chris to struggle in his photo shoot.  Will he be sent home next? We’ll see next week!