The Guy Who Cries

In the bus at the start of this week’s episode, the models are still reeling after last week’s double elimination.  Chris is vowing to turn over a new leaf and start being chill to all his fellow models (HA! That sure doesn’t last long) and Marvin is literally sobbing because he lost two of his friends.  He can’t adjust to losing all these people he cares about and he now has no one to talk to or play with.  PLAY WITH.  Those were his exact words.  This grown man.  I cannot even.

Back at the house, Phil’s ADD is still kicking in big time and he is hanging with his girl Jianna and jumping over Marvin.  I guess that’s what Marvin meant by ‘playing,’ huh?

Kelly is waiting for all the kids at the challenge which involves working for her client, a fashion shopping blog.  The models have to put together a good look from the shops on Melrose Avenue, but first they have to gain credit for shopping by answering ANTM/fashion trivia questions while chilling in their undies.  Renee is the only one who got all the questions right, so she received the most money, but everyone has at least some sort of budget to work with.

Near the end of the time limit there is a traffic jam at the shoe store, but everyone makes it back in time.  Poor Phil only had $25 to work with so he could only afford a women’s shirt and leggings.  Not a cool look. I don’t know why he didn’t just buy a cheap pair of men’s pants or shorts and go with that. Don used his lady killer eyes to hypnotize the judge and he won the challenge, which got him a gift card to use on the blog and an ice cream date with his buddies Marvin and Renee.

Poor Jianna got yet another low challenge score (along with Phil and Marvin) and yet again she has to freak out about panel.  Chris got a decent score, which Marvin couldn’t believe and starts talking some smack that, of course, blows up into a fight. Marvin calls Chris ugly and full of acne and Chris says he looks like a Monkey and my boo Corey is loving alllllllll of this drama right along with us viewers.  When the boys start arguing about their respective abilities to get girls, Corey says in the one on one that neither of them are getting any, because if they were he would know.  I think Corey might be my spirit animal and he needs to never leave this show. Ever.

The next day the models arrive at a photo gallery with pictures of Tyra posing as a variety of other famous models.  The contestants are going to be taking part of the art exhibit as living models in a sort of ‘slow motion paint fight,’ as Johnny describes it. Basically they are posing while paint is thrown on them.  Corey and Nina get some of the best feedback from Johnny so they seem to kill it in their shoots, while Chris and Marvin are both letting all the house drama get to them and they struggle quite a bit, although as we all know, the feedback at the shoot doesn’t necessarily indicate what the reaction will be from the judges.

At judging, both Chris and Marvin don’t get the totally awful scores they were expecting, but they still weren’t great.  Jourdan gets GREAT reviews and a perfect score and best photo and she is quickly becoming the runaway front runner on this cycle.  Jianna and Phil are still struggling and the loverbirds go up against each other in the bottom two.  The scores are close, but after a few weeks in the bottom, Jianna is finally sent packing to the comeback competition.

Next week there is a runway thing and it looks like Jourdan might struggle with it.  Maybe she doesn’t have this competition in the bag quite yet?