New PictureThe Catfish season is coming to a close, which means the episodes are getting juicier, supposedly.  Although this episode was more ridiculous than juicy.  This episode featured Keyonnah, who believes she is online dating Bow Wow, the rapper/actor of “Like Mike” fame.  Not even Nev can believe this one.  The likelihood of a celebrity not being able to meet someone face to face is very small, but whoever this guy is, he sent Keyonnah 10 grand, so he must have some money.

When Nev and Max meet up with Keyonnah she tells them about how Bow Wow had his assistant “Larry Brown” send her the money in part to prove that he is legit.  However, when they go to the online history the red flags raise once again.  According to Keyonnah the facebook page she originally messaged Bow Wow on has since been deleted, which leaves Nev and Max nothing to research.  This might be tricky.

Sike! Nev and Max are still expert detectives and the research Bow Wow, finding out that he lives in LA and skypes with his daughter all the time, so he should have, in theory, been able to skype with Keyonnah.  The guys also look up the phone number Keyonnah has for him and find that it is registered to a woman only a few miles away who happens to have an adult son who also has a daughter.  Suspicious.

Nev and Max also employ their connections at MTV to find out that Bow Wow does NOT have an assistant named Larry, so really it doesn’t seem likely that Bow Wow is Keyonnah’s internet lover. Keyonnah is upset and feels stupid, obviously, but since there is still some mystery as to how this guy has 10k lying around to send to a random girl, they still try calling to set up a meeting.

When they text with him, ‘Bow Wow’ sticks to the party line and insists he is who he says he is, although at this point we alllll know he is full of crap.  The next morning he tells Nev that he is planning on being in Atlanta and he would love to meet up with Keyonnah there, but he will only be there for one night.  So they run over to Keyonnah’s, throw her in the car and set off for Atlanta.

The next day they drive over to the house of Bow Wow’s cousin and when they knock on the door and out walks what first seems like a 13 year old boy.  Just kidding, it’s a 23-year old female rapper who is completely legit about her feelings for Keyonnah.  But Keyonnah is not having it.  “Dee” as the girl goes by, said she created the Bow Wow page to find girls.  When Max points out that Bow Wow attracts straight girls, Dee says she likes the challenge and apparently she has always managed to hook up with the straight girls she seduces.

Dee claims to be a big time musician in Atlanta, but something still doesn’t quite add up for Nev and Max.  They look her up on the internet and don’t find a single result for her stage name.  Clearly she isn’t as big a deal as she claims and there is still the mystery of how she got all that money she sent to Keyonnah. They head back to Dee’s place the next day and although she is more apologetic, she still doesn’t seem to feel super bad about what she did.  And she finally admits that she got the money by borrowing from family and friends who thought they were ‘supporting her career,’ which as Nev points out, isn’t entirely accurate.  Keyonnah seems happy Dee apologized, but she isn’t ready to be friends quite yet.

At the 3 month check-in both Keyonnah and Dee have changed for the better and even though Dee has reached out, Keyonnah has not responded.  I don’t think anyone can blame her for that.

Next week is the finale! Can. Not. Wait.