tvd monsters ball

I must really be a masochist. OK, here’s a stream of consciousness (I apologize in advance):

Well, let’s be honest: that wasn’t a bad episode of The Vampire Diaries. But, then again, as I’ve been reiterating for this entire season, this season is just a reiteration of the show. Even Caroline is tired of having the same talk with Tyler about him leaving and having to do things elsewhere. Tyler should take the word “hi” out of his lexicon, because he’s more prone to goodbyes, anyhow.

By the same token, Damon is still keeping Elena out of the loop — just like everyone usually does with Elena. And even Jeremy has resorted to not caring what Bonnie thinks, re: her own death. Though, at least in that case, I’m erring on Jeremy’s side since Bonnie has been one notch above pathetic this season, hovering around everyone whilst telling them how great they are. But when it comes to Bonnie, not even her afterlife is much about her anymore (not that it ever was). Damon just wants to bring her back from the dead because it will satisfy Elena. Also, I love that Bonnie is dead and everyone’s just like, “Let’s go to a ball!”

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