Source: Jennifer C.

Source: Jennifer C.

Ah, the day after Christmas. That holiday spirit is reaching a plateau in the most pleasant way possible. You’re a day removed from the high of playing with your gifts. So my question is, did you get anything TV related under the tree?

About ten years ago, what I would have gotten for Christmas was another season of Friends on DVD, and a friend or two would gift some other show — Reba or Family Guy. A couple of years ago, it was Chuck on DVD or something to that effect. And so it has always been that some show I like on DVD is a pretty safe bet to get me for Christmas, as well as anything else TV-related. The pattern didn’t change much this year.

Here’s what was waiting under my tree for me this year!

Sony Blu-Ray Player (BDP-S5100)


The first blu-ray player that I have ever owned! You might already say that blu-rays are on their way out in favor of streaming, and I wouldn’t completely disagree with you. I love my Roku and my Apple TV just as well, but for the TV shows (and sometimes movies) that I truly love, I always want to own those on a physical disc. This means I could replaced my Chuck DVD collection with blu-rays now! Anyway, this Sony BDP-S5100, which you can find on Amazon, has a PlayStation-inspired interface (that leaves a bit to be desired in my opinion), can stream Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video, and does 3D too if you’re into that. Plus, I love the way to looks. So glad we finally entered 2006 in our household!

Hannibal season one on blu-ray


Hannibal is my fifth best TV show of 2013 and the only series I had on my wish list to own this year. Out of that entire list, it’s probably the only series begging to be watched in the most high definition possible. The cinematography for Hannibal is unparalleled. It’s simply stunning to look at. This season one collection also includes the full unaired episode “Œuf” — which showrunner Bryan Fuller asked NBC to not air due to high graphic violence with respect to the Boston Marathon bombing. (They later released it in pieces as a series of webisodes.) Already, I can tell the difference in quality between disc and streaming. Ahh, high-def. It’s also currently available on Amazon cheaper as a blu-ray than DVD and cheaper than you could get buying it digitally — and it comes with a digital copy of the all the episodes! Twenty dollars on Amazon.

Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison


Now for my number eight show, but in book form! I’m a big fan of creative nonfiction, and when I discovered that Orange is the New Black was adapted from a book, I immediately took interest. Here’s to hoping that Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman is equally as great. I also received It’s Kind of a Funny Story (R.I.P. Ned Vizzini) which was adapted into a film.

Justice League Boxers

I know, verging on TMI. But, hey, the Justice League characters have had several shows (and movies) made about them since inception, and someone thought to get me some boxers with their faces on them! I feel like I’m five, but they’re hella comfortable. I can’t find the exact pair online, however. I also received a shirt with Charlie Brown wearing sunglasses that reads Pardon My Swag. And I love it.

And those are my TV-inspired gifts this year! Thanks to everyone who gifted them to me. Very much appreciated. What did you get for the holidays?