lost girl 406

I don’t think there’s been any scene more blunt than Dyson and Bo having sex, Dyson pleading for Bo to give him the intimacy that he desires so, and her denying him that for her personal pleasure. If you’ve been wondering whether or not Bo has changed, this was the writers’ way of telling you that she has. Of course, it’s not unusual for Bo to think of sex as just sex (or a way for healing), but it’s not often that she doesn’t seem present. Bo has been moving fluidly between Dyson, randos, Lauren, and back to Dyson. Even Bo isn’t sure where she’s been. Sure, she was on Train Limbo, but she references that Bo as “her” and “she.” Definitively, the new Bo decided to align herself with the Dark and none of it makes sense with Bo as we’ve known her.

I mean, that said, I don’t exactly think Bo being aligned with the Dark is all that out of character. What is it that Kenzi said? The Light are assholes and the Dark are assholes who have fun? Bo has always been about never truly trusting people until they’ve earned it (except for where her insta-family is concerned) and defies society’s expectations. Even the Morrigan this episode said that she respects people who don’t trust her. That’s kind of what they’re about.

In fact, everything about the final act of “Of All the Gin Joints” was pure perfection. The problem really was everything that got us there.

A bird/lady/fae makes her way to Bo because Limbo Bo (what are we calling that Bo, by the way?) apparently told her to break free and go find her. Also, her singing helps Bo remember some of the memories she suppressed. Look, I get it: another girl who feels trapped in and feels inspired by Bo to leave, sort of like Lauren. But goodness if it wasn’t just kind of boring. That’s really what left me disappointed with this episode; the entertainment value just wasn’t there for me until the final act in the main story. What did work for me here were the clues that Bo apparently left for her future self. I know that I’ve said in the past that I’m tired of all the clues, but they’ve actually been intriguing me for the past couple of episodes. I love even more that someone finally acknowledged the Wanderer is possibly Bo’s father.

In short, I know a lot of people aren’t pleased with the Bo storyline, but it’s actually everything I’ve wanted since season one. In fact, I wish they’d push her a little more beyond just being snarky to Trick sometimes. But I can appreciate the subtlety, too. Everyone who talks about Lost Girl online seems to be understanding the arc, so I think the writers knew that even their casual viewers are smart enough to pick up on it.

Elsewhere, in a much more entertaining plot, the Morrigan comes to Lauren’s soon-to-be-old apartment with… pizza and beer? If I remember correctly, this was the same two items Lauren came to Crystal’s with, right? In that scene, Lauren was earnestly looking for someone to make a connection with. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to believe that the Morrigan is coming with the same intentions or if it’s supposed to be much more of a juxtaposition. Of course, everything about Evony’s past makes me think she’s lying, but somehow I bought that perhaps she was reaching out. What I do know for sure is that it was supposed to call out our attention to a new Lauren; she’s not giving up her trust too easily. There have been a lot of details about Lauren’s past thrown at the wall recently, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But I can most certainly appreciate how much better she’s been integrated into the show, as opposed to how she felt tacked on previously. Oftentimes, her storyline during the episode is much more interesting. Case in point, this episode. She’s certainly beginning to come into her own instead of just being tethered to Bo.

When I was watching Evony and Lauren, all I could think was, well this better end in a kiss. I was not disappointed.

And last, but certainly not least: Kenzi and Hale. They finally kiss and tell each other how they feel, and then Hale immediately begins bleeding. I know that Hale and Kenzi won’t be an item just to have everything be butterflies and rainbows, so definitely something is up. But what I mostly hope is that Hale doesn’t become the New Old-Lauren. Even when he was the Acting Ash, the writers hardly found reason to encompass him. Otherwise, this is a storyline that definitely requires that you believe they have chemistry; your mileage may vary there, as it does with me. For those who ship them, perhaps Hale will be wearing purple soon.

And there you have it. Overall, “Of All the Gin Joints” could have been a more entertaining hour, regardless of how much important information was presented. But those final moments: glorious.