“Well, I think we’re all done waiting… ’cause here I come.”

One can only hope so, Bo. When this episode first began, I was kind of dreading it. If there’s one thing you should know about me as a television viewer is that I kind of hate flashback episodes. They’re distracting, often boring, and most times don’t really give us much information about what is going on presently. But I think “La Fae Époque” subverted many of my dismal expectations. It started a bit slow, but quickly perked up into something quite entertaining.

Part of my problem with Lost Girl these days are just the myriad of different abilities and other fae quirks that pop up from time to time. Last week, it was a bird lady who could sing Bo’s memories back, this week it’s a red thread that can put Bo into Dyson’s memories (ha-ha, get it, threadtied?), and I suspect that this will continue to always be an issue of mine. And sometimes, the climax culminates on such levities: this episode, it’s a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes. I’m sure — or at least I’m hoping — that somehow these shoes are connected to Bo and her recent blackout/train limbo, but I can’t be sure of that just yet.

Instead, all I can really talk about this episode is more of the same. We’ve been discussing how Bo has been acting like a different person these days. She’s not really taking either Dyson’s or Lauren’s feelings into consideration, often jumping between both of them in the same episode, as she did this week. Along the way, she has also stopped really thinking about Kenzi all that often. Bo is someone who took one look at Kenzi’s impostor way back and knew it just wasn’t her. Recently, she hasn’t even questioned whether Kenzi is around or if she’s in any danger. We might argue that Bo is trying not to coddle Kenzi so much, which is true to her wishes. But I don’t think we’ve had a scene where we see Bo definitively decide that. For some reason, I just figure Bo would at least caution Kenzi before she went undercover to tie the red string around Dyson’s ankle.

Of course, this could have just been that they didn’t have time for a scene like that and I’m reading too much into it. All I’ve really noticed that it’s Dyson who seems more eager to “train” Kenzie.

I mean, in this episode Bo is literally someone else. She literally has sex with Dyson and Lauren at the same time all in the only way it would actually be possible. Well, as literally as possible.

Also, as we’ve discussed, another huge theme this season is family. All throughout the season, Bo has been trying to get everyone back together. Her first case when she left train limbo was to mend the shards of a dysfunctional family herself. In this episode, even Lauren declares that Dyson is family and that she’d do anything to save him. By the end of the episode, she says she wants to wrap a red string around all of them to keep them together. And in the same breath, she condemns Trick for not helping her — especially because he’s her grandfather. She wants to know why her possible father kidnapped her. She’s trying to keep her version of family together even though they’ve all drawn a line in the sand, Light or Dark, or otherwise.

So, yeah, we’ve talked about that. And “La Fae Époque” reinforced all those themes. Mainly, however, this episode was about letting the cast have a bit of fun. And if not for that, I think “La Fae Époque” would have suffered greatly. Truly, what was entertaining about this episode was having Anna Silk play Dyson, Ksenia Solo be Angel Bartender, and especially Zoie Palmer be a French singer. I didn’t know Palmer could sing! Well, at least I think that was her voice, sounded like her. She’s good!

All the French accents were a lot of fun. Of course, Ksenia Solo brought it, but there’s no denying that her flashback self was a bit in the same vein as her current self. Even then, they were quite different. Zoie Palmer very skillfully played two different characters in this week’s episode, which was fascinating to watch (at least for me).

Even though the flashback was elevated by Lost Girl‘s usual welcomed camp, it was mostly a retread of themes we’ve gotten… and ultimately felt like yet another stall tactic until we get some answers. Every week I feel like Bo keeps announcing her comeback only to find next week there’s another roadblock that doesn’t nudge the plot forward much. But if the episodes are as fun as “La Fae Époque,” I won’t have much of a problem.

Also, merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! Hope you have a great time this week!

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