lost girl 405

You guys, honestly, last time I’m tardy with this. The semester is officially over!

You already know how I feel about last week’s installment. It was perhaps the best episode of the series ever… or at least in a really long time. The problem with having such a good episode, of course, is that it’s difficult to follow that up. Now, certainly, Lost Girl could have an even better episode this season. All the storylines are in place for everything to begin crumbling down. I’m thinking The Good Wife “Hitting the Fan” kind of destruction. But what mostly bugged me about this episode is that it suffered a bit from that too-cheeky thing that Lost Girl sometimes does. Even though I’m all for more dancing from Ksenia Solo, really a dance-off?

Whatever, at least it continues to bring out my newfound strong like for Tamsin. The character certainly was given a few vulnerabilities last season, but Tamsin trying to discover her purpose is something I’m loving a lot this season, and it certainly adds another element to the Lost Girl title. For all of the overly campy things Lost Girl has done, having Tamsin literally grow again through a series of episodes is one of my favorites.

Over in Plot A, something that’s been quite interesting this season (or the last couple of episodes) is Bo’s underscoring of family. Finding out that her grandfather is Trick, then having her mom resurface, having ideas about her dad, and so on must have really done a number on Bo. She seems dedicated to keeping every and all connections she makes with people, regardless of what it might cost her, or without much concern about them, either. Thanks to DR in the comments who pointed out this tidbit. In the last episode, Bo didn’t seem overly concerned with the fact that Kenzi kissed Dyson. I’m not sure if they’re aware that Bo didn’t exist to them before or not, but no one offered up the information that they were in a different state of mind when that happened. So to Bo, it most likely was that they kissed behind her back, in a sense. And without much thought, she forgave Kenzi.

Obviously, that was going to happen. Bo doesn’t really have much claim on Dyson anymore. But more than that, after four seasons, Kenzi and Bo have a much stronger connection that Bo and Dyson. However, on any other show, you’d expect this storyline to cause a bit of a riff between the sisterhood. Nope, on this one, it’s doing something quite different, methinks.

Even in this episode, Bo doesn’t think twice before pouncing on Lauren. And when they try to discuss Lauren’s* past, she still decides that she just wants her closer and closer. She’s willing to forgo the details that complicate her closest relationships. It’s as if she even forgot that just one episode ago she was all over Dyson. We could argue that her relationship to Lauren is more important to her than her relationship to Dyson, but with Dyson out of the picture this episode (hey, did anyone think to call him and tell him Lauren is okay?), it’s hard to gauge. Regardless, I think it’s something more compelling. In this episode, Bo even tries to plea with Vex that he not do anything drastic, even though this was the umpteenth time he has betrayed her and the gang, because he’s part of their whacky family.

[*] By the way, about Lauren: I see exactly what she’s saying, and I kind of agree with it. Am I just going crazy?

We know Bo’s past. We know that she is more prone to want to keep her family intact because it’s the first she’s ever truly had that has made her felt safe. But with slight details—like her smiling when the guy fell into lava last episode—something seems a bit more extreme. I definitely think some sort of possessive side of Bo is creeping out as her Dark Bo-ness is revealing itself, which blended with her past will be sure to make some compelling emotional scenes later in the season. At least I’m hoping so.

Bo is trying to keep all the relationships that make her feel more connected with family, while not really thinking much about the mentality and the perspective of the individuals—Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren—as it conveniences her.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but I still think that if Lost Girl plays its cards right, we could be in for a fascinating two-thirds of a season.

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