There are a few reasons that The Mindy Project is better than New Girl this season and ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’ is one of them. Great writing, sharp delivery, sexual tension; and best of all, it all feels fresh and new and exciting.

The episode starts out with a great line from Mindy: “Christmastime in New York City… snow on the ground, lights in the trees, and so many tourists that it’s nearly impossible to return a bra to a department store.”

Then this happens:

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

The entire opening was brilliant.

The episode had two main storylines – Mindy planning a Christmas party to seduce Cliff (Glenn Howerton), Jeremy, who has lost weight, abstaining from eating as Peter abstains from drinking. Oh and Maria Menounos stars as Brendan Deslaurier’s girlfriend for some reason. Brennan has some great one liners this episode, such as: “You know, there’s some recent scholarship that suggests Jesus was actually a black woman,” and, (re: Maria’s rendition of Santa Baby) “As a feminist, it offended me to my core.”

Mindy has a four step plan to attract Cliff, but of course, it doesn’t work out in the way she wants. Danny tries to tell her how stupid it is, in between building a gingerbread house, filling Mindy’s bra with wine, and giving her crappy Secret Santa gifts (medical gauze and a stapler). But then, just as Mindy’s feeling down when Cliff leaves and her plan fails, he gives her the best gift of all time – him dancing to Try Again by Aaliyah.

“When you first started working here and used to play this non-stop, it was the first thing about you that ever really annoyed me.”

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Oh. My. God.

Mindy is impressed and (how could she not be) turned on. Which leads to THIS MOMENT:





So many feels. Of course, they’re interrupted by Jeremy and Peter who can’t restrain themselves any longer, food and alcohol wise. Moran comes in a few moments later: “Weird energy in here. Is the ghost back?”

Mindy asks Danny to join her outside, but he says no, and we all die a little inside. To be fair, Mindy still has feelings for Cliff, so now is not the right time for Danny to kiss her… And as much as I want Mindy and Danny together as a weird dysfunctional couple, I love seeing Glenn Howerton on the show (It’s Always Sunny, anyone?).

In the end, Cliff comes back and professes his feelings for Mindy, so they share the moment she dreamed of on the roof. After Mindy talks to a pidgeon.


Source: Source:×11-christmas-party-sex-trap

Poor Danny… just give it time.

Overall, the episode deserves an A, and is tied with ‘You’ve Got Sext’ for my favorite one this season. If you’re not watching The Mindy Project, catch up over the holiday break!