Just a very quick review before tonight’s season finale.

Season four of Lost Girl has been rocky at best. I think the better way to put it is that they’ve just been stalling everything until tonight’s episode. That would have been fine if there were other, more interesting things going on throughout the past 12 episodes. The sad fact is that there hasn’t been. Every episode ended with yet another stall tactic and a strange, non-sequitr MacGuffin to keep us busy for that hour.

In some episodes, this worked. That’s Lost Girl‘s strong suit, really, the campiness. But in others, when everything wasn’t firing on all cylinders, well it really didn’t work. And the explanation for Bo’s development this season has been shoddy, leaving audiences confused.

It’s strange, then, that a show that is so married to prolonging every plot detail would try to speed up the death of a main character and milk it for all it’s worth. Ksenia Solo is giving a good performance, but when I saw her twisting her engagement ring at Hale’s funeral, I rolled my eyes. The contrived way in which they were thrown together, only to appear as a couple for one episode in which Hale proposes way too quickly and then dies a couple of minutes later is making me feel nothing.

I feel like the other characters on the show: No one, except Kenzi, seems to give a fae that Hale is dead. There are larger things at stake, Kenzi!!!!!! (they all said in one of the worst-written scenes ever). Watch Kenzi have one of the biggest responsibilities in whatever apocalypse they’re battling tonight. It will be prophesied!


At least Lost Girl usually has a good B plot. My jaw stayed permanently dropped once Lauren revealed that she got the Morrigan to ingest some sort of liquid to make her human by… well, coating herself. Ha, oh, my god. This show. (That whole “everything I did was for you!? Ugh. Lauren, you can be an autonomous being!)

There are rumors that tonight’s episode could be the last. And everything seems poised for it, regardless of all the stalling. I mean, the dynamics of the show are at the most strained they’ve ever been. Kenzi wants away from Bo, and Lauren and Bo had a small falling out. But most importantly, we’re meeting Bo’s father. This is it. This is what we’ve been looking forward to the entire series. At least it better be.

Overall, another episode of Lost Girl where the steps to move the plot along don’t really make sense. I mean, what was it about the marriage again? And why does everyone just believe some stranger that pops up every week only to realize they always backstab them? Massimo is, also, kind of thrown in there just for good measure, but with no substance. I get that having him be the one who killed The Love Of Kenzi’s Life (ugh) her Almost Husband (double ugh) because she paid him off to try to be someone she isn’t helps with her arc, but his eating the seed and how he’s shoehorned himself into the arc is beyond me. Lost Girl, give me something with this finale!