I totally meant to recap the episode of Reign that comes before this episode. I even watched it, too! I don’t know where the time went. I used to be much better about time. But since there’s no new episode of Reign this week, I decided that I would have to recap the latest episode. Plus, it’s a celebration.

Didn’t you hear? Reign was renewed for season two! I’ve only watched three episodes, but even I know that obviously the CW execs were scared that Catherine might poison them.

So, anyway, sorry about no recap last time. You didn’t miss much. Basically, I was going to make Paganism a euphemism for something else and a shot of Mary and Son #1 kissing with the caption: “We need mops.” High-brow-type humor, you know. But in case you didn’t watch the previous episode, what happened was that Son #1 had a cousin who had a baby and now he and Mary have to hide him. In this episode, they check in on the lady who they have taking care of the baby. And this lady just loves this job.