If you’re looking to satisfy your itch to see cars go vroom a lot on the big screen, then by all means run — don’t walk — to Need for Speed this weekend. The packed house I watched it in was having a mighty good time with the races, the crazy stunts, and the cheeky one-liners, as was I.

But if you’re thinking Need for Speed elevates beyond that, then you might be let down. Which I was, especially since Aaron Paul’s latest project was the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad. Not that every film or television role he does thereafter has to be the next Breaking Bad, but Paul was clearly trying to bring his grade A acting chops to a script that wasn’t up to par.

Once again, which would be OK if the script never asked for it. But where Need for Speed falters is trying to shoehorn sentiment without having the necessary skill. What transpires is a mostly predictable story that will have you craving for the next crazy car chase.

And when those car scenes come, that’s when Need for Speed shines.