With such a long time to American Horror Story season four, I thought it would be a great idea to round-up everything we know about the next season. So, here’s everything you need to know about Season 4.

Season 4, titled Freakshow, will take place in Jupiter, Florida in the 1950’s. The season will follow a group of Freakshow entertainers who are fighting to keep their show, the last of it’s kind, open for business.

Many actors are returning, but many are keeping their new roles a secret. However, some are already known…

Sarah Paulson, known for her role as Cordelia from Coven, will be tackling not one but TWO characters this season. Paulson will be playing Bette and Dot, a set of identical conjoined twin/a two-headed woman. Knowing AHS, one of these heads will most likely be chopped off.

Jessica Lange will be returning for her final season as a German after WWII. She will be the head of the Freakshow, and has been ‘working on her german accent very hard’. Lange has been an important piece of the show, so let us hope she goes out with a bang.

Denis O’Hare has always played villainous roles, but now he’s stepping up to play the head villain. Writer, Ryan Murphy has described him as ‘a collector of freaks’.

Michael Chiklis is the newly added star of the season, taking the role of Kathy Bates character and Evan Peters’ father.

Other actors set to return include Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Gabourey Sidibe, Evan Peters, Jamie Brewer, Emma Roberts and Frances Conroy. The extent of Gabourey Sidibe’s role may not be too large, considering her casting in the show “Empire”.

Actors not returning from the previous season are Taissa Farmiga, due to a movie she’ll be filming, and Lily Rabe, who was given the lead role in her own Drama, “The Whispers”.

Three new characters are known, but the actors have yet to be revealed. Sammy, Larry and Bobby. Not much is known other than Larry’s character will have a comedic edge and Bobby is a freakishly tall man. It sounds to me that Larry could be a creepy clown, which we know will be included, but you never know with American Horror Story.

Another known character is the bearded lady, which could be any of the women, other than Angela Bassett who has denied rumours that was her.

Filming starts in July, so hopefully we’ll get some Behind-The-Scenes photos.