Devious Maids continues to get better and better as the season continues. The more the mystery unravels, the further you’ll be drawn in. So, let’s see what happened with everyone’s favorite maids in the latest episode.

Valentina rushed her boyfriend Ethan to her home after showing up to her home with a major stab wound. In an attempt to save him (without calling the police) she calls her ex-boyfriend to stitch him up. Ethan comes up with a fake story about a bar fight, and for those of you who may have missed last week, he was stabbed by Carmen while robbing Spence.

The next day, after tending to Ethan’s wounds, Remi tells Valentina he knows that Ethan is lying. Valentina’s response was a simple “I know.”

Continuing with her storyline later on, Remi brings her a newspaper on the previous robbery scandal. Valentina knows now that it was Ethan doing the huge robberies. But, let me express my happiness with this scene. Rather than go the normal (and rather annoying) route and making Valentina in disbelief of the situation, she knows what is up. So, kudos for making a strong, smart female!

Anyway, Ethan admits to partaking in the robberies. He is then given an ultimatum: turn himself on or Valentina will leave him.

Valentina leaves the house, crying. While doing so, she is pulled over and a cop sees all the blood in her backseat from Ethan’s stab wound. The episode ends with her being taken to the police station.

Of course, that was only one of the five storylines between our maids.

Marisol’s storyline was just as interesting.

While in the hospital with her husband, Marisol yells at him for taking pain pills. However, he admits to a murder after taking a few. Much to Marisol’s shock, she decided she needs new information on this. So, she decides to get him to take more pills. A hilarious scene plays out with her trying to force drugged-up orange juice down his throat. She loses the war, and is refused any information by her husband. And in the end, she put her ring on the table and left him.

Rosie’s storyline has been one of my favorite’s all season. Maybe it’s because I just really love Dania Ramirez’s portrayal of this character. But, tonight continued in perfect fashion.

Reggie discusses selling Kenneth’s (Reggie’s uncle) $200,000 painting. This upsets Rosie, since she’s become close to Kenneth. So, clearly, she’s quick to rat Reggie out and get his Power of Attorney taken away. She tells Kenneth to fight him.

This is not a very good idea though. After Kenneth stands up to Reggie, he is beaten nearly to death and winds up in the hospital. Rosie tells an unconscious Kenneth she will help him get his fortune back.

Carmen and Spence are quickly becoming an unlikely pairing that make great friends, in my opinion.

Their storyline is minimal tonight, sadly.

Spence is depressed now that his ex-wife, Peri, has taken custody of his child. In an attempt to forget it, he offers Carmen the day off if she drinks with him. The wild night of drinking turns into a huge headache the next morning. She vows to quit drinking, that is, until, he offers to fix her car for $2,000 if she drinks again. After a few nights of this, Carmen expresses her disinterest in the binge-drinking. Their storyline ends with Spence pouring himself more scotch. He’s showing signs of alcoholism.

Zoila and Genvieve are my favorite pairing, possibly ever.

This episode showed Genvieve’s mother becoming a pain-in-the-ass for Zoila. She decides to force Genvieve home to make amends with her mother. She is successful in doing so, watching in admiration as she tells off her mother. Then her mother has a heart attack, or rather a minor medical condition. Genvieve goes on a spiel about how she was hoping her mother would die. Zoila forces her to go home with her mother for a bit, and that’s where the episode ends.

With only three episodes left, this season is coming to an amazing end. With so many things to be excited for this season (including Evelyn Powell back next episode) it’s a shame the season is only 13 episodes long.