Yesterday, the best series to ever exist premiered: The Royals. If you missed it, I don’t think I can ever forgive you. But if so, I have created a short photo recap of the premiere. I often said that I just needed to find the perfect show to begin photo recapping again, and if time permits—and for the foreseeable future, it appears so—that show will be the glorious Royals.

If I had one quip about The Royals, it’s that it doesn’t give Elizabeth Hurley enough to do! Give her more lines! She’s duh queen! And it needs to be more salacious. And it will be perfect. Honestly you should just check it out.

Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy the photo recap to the pilot episode, “Stand and Unfold Yourself.” But I’m a bit rusty. (Also I had to do this in a hurry! Sorry!)