It’s been nearly three years since we changed our look. Back then, my labor of love blog was thriving. Good times. But then I took a break—about a year and a half long break, whoops. Throughout that time, I’ve watched many episodes of television. Too many to count, perhaps. But I always missed sharing my thoughts with the wonderful readers of this blog.

It felt like the perfect time to come back! But what the site needed first was a little dusting off to bring it into 2015. We’re still blue, but now we’re not as dark and dreary (without being stark white to save your eyes!). There are a couple other additions, like the fact that readers can rate episodes now too. But mainly, I wanted to keep it in blog-form. All those extras and design fads get in the way of the content. Plus, I tried that new all-white-and-black look that’s popular nowadays, and all it gave me was no sense of identity. It’s a blog: you know how to use it and where to go to get the content you want.

Plus we’ve been making great strides. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but McKenzie has been racking up the interviews lately. Check out the interviews tag to catch up on them!

So I hope you’re still around! I’d love to share my thoughts about television with all you guys. And if you want to share yours (read: want to recap a show), make sure to email me at michael[at]nowhitenoise.com.

Here we go.