Last Tuesday’s winter premiere of 90210 wasn’t an epic episode; it was merely okay. But it did leave us with a lot of questions, for me at least.

Here they are: 

1) Why is Silver still with Greg?

When Silver broke things off with Navid, it was because she thought he was still working for his criminal uncle, covering up for him. Little did she know that he was actually trying to expose his uncle and protect Silver. But Kat, the police officer helping Navid out, told Silver everything after she became worried Navid might do something stupid. How naive were we expecting that they might get back together? Silver ran for Navid’s help. She called his father, and he subsequently turned himself in and promised to tell on his brother. However, she did not break up with Greg even when Navid implied that he wanted to get back together with her. My question is: WHY? He got beaten up trying to protect her; it almost cost him his life. But she’d rather be with a married man who has a daughter? Really, Silver?

2) Did Naomi just pull a Blair Waldorf?

Remember when Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass decided they wanted to get back together in 4.09 but then Blair, well, ruined everything? Remember how she decided she wanted to be “Blair Waldorf” before becoming “Chuck Bass’ girlfriend”? Look how well that turned out. Anyway, in last Tuesday’s episode of 90210, Naomi did almost the same thing with Austin. When her boss, Rachel, told her that a strong woman doesn’t pine over a man, Naomi ran over to Austin to tell him that she loved him and that she believes he didn’t cheat on her but that she couldn’t be with him because she needed to change. What are these shows trying to teach us? Us girls can’t have it all? We have to choose either a career or a personal life? Well, thank you for that.

Another way Naomi pulled a Blair Waldorf? When she was trying to have a fling with a Navy Cadette as a rebound from Austin, Rachel pulled away the curtains of the stage at the debutant ball to show off the debs’ gift to the city and there they were. Everyone saw what she and her rebound were trying to do. Remember when Blair and Chuck were kissing in 4.09 and Jenny, as Serena, pulled away the curtains and they were exposed to everyone?

3) What is next for Macy and Adrianna?

In the last minute of the episode, we discovered that Greg’s daughter was adopted. Greg told Silver that a teenage girl gave Macy away so she could have a better life. Macy? Does it ring a bell? Did you see Silver’s reaction? YES! Macy is Adrianna’s daughter! What will this mean for Adrianna? We all know she can’t take her back. Macy has a family now. But what’s next? You know there’s a twist, it is 90210, after all.

4) Is a truce in the works for Silver and Adrianna?

Things haven’t been perfect between Silver and Adrianna, as we all know. So, of course, it’s no coincidence that it was Silver who discovered that Macy is Ade’s daughter. Remember how Ade switched Silver’s bipolar meds? So, will Silver tell Ade? Or will she keep the secret to herself to avenge what Adrianna did to her? Can peace finally prevail in the Hills? Let’s hope so! I miss seeing them hang out together!

5) Who is Vanessa?

If you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries or have watched John Tucker Must Die a few times, then you were probably as excited as I was by the fact that Arielle Kebbel guest-starred in the episode. Finally, a famous guest-star who’s actually tolerable. When the episode began, it picked off right after Liam’s accident. We saw Arielle’s character call 911 and tell them it was a hit and run even though she, herself, was also injured meaning she’s actually the one who hit him. We then learned that her name is Vanessa and that she had stayed with Liam all through his recovery. When Annie and Vanessa switched bags by accident (C’mon 90210, be original), Annie found A LOT of drivers’ licenses in Vanessa’s wallet with different names. So who is she? Why is she in town? And will she stay for long?

What do you guys think? Weigh in!