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Heba could watch television forever. And she LOVES writing about it. She was never meant to be born in a land so far away from TV Land! Her favorite shows are Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Happy Endings, Community, Cougar Town and MUCH MUCH more. Follow her on twitter: @ClumsyHibz

10/13/2012 | 0 comments It's The Vampire Diaries' turn in Hot&Cold! And there are lots to talk about!
08/27/2012 | 3 comments Hot&Cold is NWN's newest feature where we rant and rave about TV's best and worst for the week.
08/07/2012 | 16 comments Tonkin will be joining the show as of episode 3 of the fourth season in a recurring role.
07/15/2012 | 34 comments From Phoebe Tonkin to a more humanized Klaus, I list the 6 things that I'm hoping we'd get to see in TVD's fourth season.