Last week, we chose the best five episodes from the first season of Friends. This Throwback Thursday, we’re doing season 2. Ready?

2.07: The One Where Ross Finds Out:


This episode landed on this list basically because of Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer’s epic performances. Jennifer was funny, drunk, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Her scenes were all memorable. I say that because I know her lines BY HEART from that episode.

“And that my friend is what they call closure”

That drunken scene when Rachel called Ross to tell him she’s over him was so hilarious yet SO sad. We were sympathizing with her yet laughing at her. All their encounters in the episode were legendary; it’s why those two have become THE iconic couple of TV.

And more importantly, THEY KISSED. Like for real kissed. Not a dream, an actual kiss. They shouted at each other, he stormed out of Central Perk, she locked the doors, it started raining, he stood under the rain waiting for her to unlock the doors, she did, and then they kissed. And our hearts sank.

2.10: The One With Russ:


Uhm, can you say creepy? Rachel was trying to get over Ross with Ross – only a more Bob Saget-y version of him. The best part about it? Neither Ross nor Rachel recognized the resemblance even though they’re basically identical. Every scene with Ross and Russ arguing was SO FUNNY. So freaky. When Rachel finally caught on to how much those two look alike, she vomitted. She was as disturbed as we all were. Before the episode came to an end, we saw Julie (remember Julie? Ross’ ex-girlfriend) walking into Central Perk and eyeing Russ. Now that’s a match made in heaven.

Monica: “They’re different like night and… later that night.”

In that episode, Joey got the role of Dr. Ramoray on Days of Our Lives. So yeah, that’s kinda awesome, too!

2.12: The One After The Superbowl (Pt.1)


Basically, Brooke Shields. This episode cracks me up only because of her performance and her character. Shields guest-starred as Erica, a women obsessed with Dr. Drake Ramoray and who thinks that Joey is in fact Dr. Ramoray. She stalks him until she finally talks to him and goes out on a date with him. Joey is too naive to understand that’s she’s obsessed until the end of the episode when Ross tells Erica that Joey is actually Hans Ramoray, Drake’s evil twin.

One of the things Friends knows really well is guest-stars and it sure as hell kicked ass with this guest-star. This episode (and part 2) aired directly after the Superbowl in 1995 and became the most viewed episode of the series, ever, and the most viewed episode from a sitcom airing after the Superbowl. The episode was watched by 52.9 million people and generated a 29.5 rating. It also the won the Emmy for best Achievement in Directing for a Comedy.

2.14: The One With the Prom Video:


This is probably one of the best structured episodes of the series. All the characters had entertaining story-lines through it, whether it was the bracelet Joey bought Chandler or the fact that Monica needed money. It was all fun. But makes this episode one of the best? The prom video! We got to see Fat Monica, Rachel-before-the-nose-job, and Afro Ross for the first time on the show and it was effing hilarious! What made it better were Chandler & Joey’s commentary as they watched the video: Priceless.

Rachel & Ross also made up in that episode! After discovering that he was ready to take her to prom when her date didn’t arrive, she couldn’t help but kiss him. He’s her lobster.

This episode is also ranked #100 on TVGuide’s 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time (Released in 1997)

Joey: “Some girl ate Monica!”
Monica: “Shut up, the camera adds ten pounds.”
Chandler: “Ah, so how many cameras are actually on you?”

 2.24: The One With Barry & Mindy’s Wedding


This episode was funny yet real. It dealt with situations that could happen with anyone anywhere, it was universal. What do you do when your boyfriend tells you he doesn’t wanna have kids? Or when the girl you like is married? Or when you’re the bridesmaid of the woman who’s marrying the man YOU left at the altar? It was an episode filled with dilemmas but a perfect ending for an amusing season.

I was disappointed with Monica and Richard breaking up because I truly loved their relationship. But unfortunately, he didn’t want kids. On the bright side, if they’d never broken up, Chandler & Monica would have never happened.

The episode did not lack any laugh-out-loud moments. When Rachel was walking down the aisle, she did not realize that her butt was showing. As if being in your ex-fiance’s wedding wasn’t embarrassing enough.

Honorable Mentions:
2.05 The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant
2.13 The One After The Superbowl (2)
2.20 The One Where Old Yeller Dies

That’s the a wrap for this week! Make sure you heck out last week’s piece featuring season 1 and wait for the top 5 episodes of season 3 next Thursday!

What are YOUR favorite episodes from season 2?