I recently became a huge fan of Parenthood. I just finished the first season and I’m midway through season 2 at the moment, obsessed with each and every character on that show. It’s just so freakin’ good. Everything about it is just… winning. It makes me cry. It makes me laugh.

This dysfunctional family makes everything perfect. They’re so much the typical family — only better. Every time an episode features a family dinner or a family event, I get a huge smile on my face because it’s so cute. The way they love each other and the way they support each other even when they’re fighting or arguing is just amazing. (By the way, how amazing is that cast? KUDOS to the casting directors because they got it seriously right!)

I love each and every character on the show. I don’t think there’s any regular on that series that makes me cringe or fast-forward. I want to know them all.

I just love Zeek and how much he loves Camille. I love how much Camille cares about every single member in the family. I love Sarah and her missteps because they make her super-humane. I love Drew and his über-sensitiveness. I love Adam and how amazing of a father he is. I love how Christina has given her whole life to Max. I love Haddie’s innocence. I love Joel’s charm. I love Crosby’s goofiness. And I love Jasmine’s personality as a whole. I love Max, Jabbar, and Sydney because they’re the most adorable kids on TV.

But most of all, I love Amber and Julia because one reminds me so much of myself and the other is a character I want to become. Amber has those dreams she’s afraid to fight for. She’s afraid to hope. She’s afraid she’s going to mess up whatever journey she embarks. She comes off as rebellious and different, but deep inside, she’s just another teenager. And Julia, I love how she reached this ginormous position at a law firm. I love how she’s an awesome mom and yet has an incredible career. When I think about myself, I wanna become Julia one day. 10 years from now, I see myself as Julia and I love her for that.

But the truth is you can identify with every character on that show. They all come off as normal. And that’s what makes it so perfect. Every character has a flaw. Every character messes up. The show doesn’t try to make their characters special. It makes them human – real. Everything they go through, you cry with them because one way or another, you’ve been there. And to be honest, that doesn’t happen to me with lots of shows. I do watch TVD and Gossip Girl, after all.

I cannot wait to finish marathoning the show because it’s incredible. And you know I’m gonna write a piece about it when I’m done.

What about you? Which character from the show do you most identify with?


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