This afternoon after a nice nap, I read a really disturbing article on USA Today. They released a list of possible cancellations. Most of the time, I really don’t pay attention to these sort of lists. I just wait until the news is there. This year, it is slightly different because a lot of my favourite shows are likely to be cancelled. Keep in mind that this list is not 100% accurate, but it is still USA Today!

  • CW: The one who is presumed already dead is, as expected, Ringer. Those who are still on the bubble but are likely to be cancelled are The Secret Circle, Nikita and 90210. It’s kind of strange that Hart Of Dixie made the ‘likely to be renewed’-section, but oh well I like that show.
  • ABC: Things aren’t looking so good for GCB, Cougar Town, Missing and Private Practice. GCB is not performing as well as ABC had hoped, but I’m still hoping for a renewal. Please ABC, please!
  • CBS: The cancellations at CBS aren’t really shocking. The shows are CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, Rob!, Rules of Engagement and Unforgettable!
  • NBC: This is the part where I began to raise an eyebrow or two. Bent and Awake are already dead. NBC would also cancel Community, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, Whitney and Up All Night.(but those are still uncertain!) These are all decent shows except Whitney (sorry Whitney fans, are there really whitney fans?).
  • FOX: The Finder would be already dead, which I expected. Alcatraz, Breaking In, Fringe, Touch and Napoleon Dynamite are all likely to be cancelled. I think Alcatraz is already dead and its way too early to decide over Touch.

All the other series are likely to get a renewal or have not begun airing.

One show that certainly will not be coming back is The Fades.

The Fades aired on BBC 3 and had 6 episodes. This supernatural drama got good ratings, good reviews and was something different in the supernatural genre. Really everyone should watch it, it was so great. Anyway cancellations were expected in the UK due to government cuts, earlier this month E4 announced that Skins was also cancelled. Skins will get an epic send-off next year with returning stars from the three generations.

  • How accurate do you think this list is?
  • Are you sad to see some of these shows go and which one?
  • Did you watch ‘The Fades’ and what do you think about BBC’s decision?