The CW announced today early season renewals for some of its better performing series currently airing, including a fourth season for The Vampire Diaries, an eighth season for Supernatural, and fifth for 90210.

Since readers here love Gossip Girl so much, I would be remissed if I didn’t mention that it — along with all other series, besides Top Model — has yet to be picked up. The CW will make that announcement mid-May at upfronts.

What does this mean for the other series on the network’s roster? It’s not all that clear, at least to me. See, usually, networks give early season renewal orders to lock in all of the production crew, lest they get a job elsewhere, and to keep the creative of the story intact. This is, kind of, a weird time to announce a renewal, quite honestly. They might as well have just waited two more weeks at this point, so personally it doesn’t seem like a vote of confidence for the other series.

The Vampire Diaries is, of course, the network’s highest rated show; Supernatural does about as well as any other series on the network, but on Fridays; and 90210 is doing better (except for this week) than the New York equivalent Gossip Girl. It could be that talks are a bit delayed, so we don’t know. Just gotta wait ’til upfronts!