Last night’s episode of Saving Hope was in fact an incredible one – pregnancy scare, a vampire disease, and Alex almost believing that Charlie is roaming around the hospital, almost. As the previous 5, much of it was expected but that didn’t stop me from squealing when I learned that Alex is late.

Of course, when she decided not to take the test in the beginning and leave it till later, I figured out she wasn’t pregnant. But I wanted the show to take a risk, for once, and make something like getting Alex pregnant happen. Just think about it, the show would take a huge turn, maybe even for the better – if Alex is carrying a baby all while Charlie is still in a coma. It would make them both fight more and save even more hope! This show needs to stop being so safe if it wants to be as good as it can be.

And I loved how Charlie wants to tell her that she is, in fact, pregnant when Randall, the psychic, was talking to Alex. Oh, I didn’t yet introduce the psychic, did I?

When a patient, a John Doe the doctors call Mr. Happy, comes to the hospital with the rebar in his chest but suffering from amnesia and no pain AT ALL , the doctors go crazy. How can this happen? But then they find the business card of a psychic in his belongings, and they realize the patient has been hypnotized.

They call in The Great Randall get Mr. Happy off his trance, and when they do, they discover that Happy only hired him because he’s been in agony for years, in pain but knowing what’s wrong with him. Nobody does. He’s photosensitive. He has pain in his stomach. They test for lupus, but it’s negative. And then one of the nurses jokingly says the patient is a vampire. Alex has a House moment and figures out what no one else could: he has The Vampire Disease. Yep, that actually exists. It’s when someone’s body produces and excessive amount of Porphyrias – a kind of enzymes. It’s a very hard to diagnose illness especially that it makes the body mimic other illnesses. Unfortunately for Mr. Happy, it’s incurable. They should have left him hypnotized and living in oblivion, right?

Anyway, the eerie yet almost hopeful twist is that Randall can actually see Charlie who asks him for his help. And at first, he tries his best to convince Alex that Charlie is right there sitting next to her. Now, I knew Alex would not fall for it. But when Randall tells her he knows the necklace on her neck is a gift from Charlie, Alex begins to trust him. She stars talking to hollowness in front of her in hopes that Charlie will hear her.

“Charlie, if you’re there, I need you to wake up.”

This scene was SO GOOD and Michael Shanks definitely stole it. When he cried, I cried.

But then Randall asks Alex for money so he would continue talking to Charlie, and he ruins everything because Alex now thinks he’s a conman. He’s not seeing anything; he just wants the money. Predictable much?

The second twist of the episode is Joel deciding to commit to Maggie. Who helped him make that decision? Alex. Maggie breaks up with him because she wants more than he’s giving her. He only calls her when he wants sex. He chose Alex over her in the hand reconstruction surgery in last week’s episode. She deserves more, and she knows. So she shakes his hand and tells him it’s better if they’re friends.

Joel is angry and confused, what the hell do women want? He asks Reed. And she tells him. They need more than just honesty. He’s not a jerk but he has to work on being a better man. So he tries to by professing his commitment to Maggie and deciding to go exclusive.

I really do not understand why the writers are trying so hard to make Joel and Maggie work when they so obviously want to go in a totally different way: Joel/Alex/Charlie. Maggie is cute, and she’s adorable when she’s with Joel. However, the relationship seems so forced. The writers are trying too hard when it comes to it, and it’s just not working.

What did you guys think of the episode?


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