Remember when I listed Phoebe Tonkin as one of the 6 things I want to see in TVD‘s next season? Well, apparently, my (and the whole world’s) wish is the writers’ command! According to Zap2it (and every other major TV website, Claire Holt, Julie Plec, and Michael Trevino), Phoebe Tonkin is joining The Vampire Diaries in its fourth season!

Tonkin will play 19-year-old Hayley, an old friend of Tyler’s. Her first appearance will be in the 3rd episode of the season. Apparently she has “a tough, intimidating side that could just give Caroline a run for her money.”

Isn’t that the best news ever or what? I’m already shipping her character (even though I haven’t met her yet) with half the men on this show; can you believe it?! PHOEBE TONKIN ON TVD? It’s going to be glorious — October 11 can’t come fast enough!