Since Fall season is right around the corner, we here at NWN decided to start a new feature where we shamelessly discuss TV’s best and worst for the week. And there’s nothing better to start with than SUITS!

Thursday night was its last episode for the summer, and I don’t think it’s going to be enough to keep us going until January when the second season of the show resumes. That said, the episode had some HOT moments — those victorious moments that gave us ear to ear smiles and some other COLD moments that made us want to punch the screen.

HOT: Hardman finally going down

I don’t know about you, but I’m #TeamPearson all the way. So seeing Harvey & Co. wipe that smug look off of Daniel’s face made my day. As much as I loved that story arc in the 2nd season, I’m happy to see Hardman gone. He was just so sleazy and manipulating and not in a lovable way at all — he should totally take a lesson or two from Louis. And now that he’s no longer raining on Jessica & Harvey’s fierce parade, I’d like to see them kick ass again without waiting for the next shoe to drop. I want them to focus on acing every case they get without being worried about one of them getting fired or worse, sued.

COLD: Mike hooking up…not with Rachel

Mike & Rachel’s story-line is starting to get on my nerves. I get that the writers are trying to be a tease by not making them happen already, but it’s becoming irritating especially since they’re pairing him up with annoying girls just to keep him away from Rachel — anyone is going to look annoying compared to Rachel, let’s be honest. First it was Jenny, who I never really liked and now it’s Tess who reminds me of Jenny A LOT. When Rachel knocked on Mike’s door to tell him that yes, smart never made her happy with that huge grin on her face, I wanted to SCREAM. She was finally giving in to her feelings towards Mike — finally allowing herself to trust him, to love him. But here he was with some other chick who he’s never going to be with anyway, UGH. I mean, not even that kiss between the two of them can make up for that last scene.

HOT: Every line from the show, basically

Thank you, Tumblr

What makes the show one of my favorite of the summer are those kick-ass one-liners said by the characters. They’re said so smoothly and so effortlessly that you can’t help loving the character saying them as much as he pisses you off sometimes. Yes, I’m talking about Louis and this awesome line, “I always pay my debts — I’m a Lannister.” A Game of Thrones reference always makes a show ten times better. Another Louis moment that made me LOL, “It’s probably one of his favorite basketball players — Shaquille….O’briant?”

But the winning quote of the episode probably goes to Donna, as always, who after Harvey tells her Mike could have finished the task she’s working on a long time ago says, “I’m sorry I don’t have a photographic memory, but my brain is too busy being awesome.” Oh, Donna, you ARE awesome. I mean how glorious when she gave Louis a hard time for betraying the team?


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