I said I would make this poll on Monday, but given the news of that day, it seemed particularly insignificant. So now, here we are! A lot of series were nominated; thank you guys! I’m glad that people actually still read this blog. I’ve chosen the series that were nominated and seconded and then compiled them in the poll below. I’m taking the same process as I did last year, which I think was successful (instead of Buffy we could have ended up with a Pretty Little Liars rewatch). What I mean by that is, we’ll have three polls, about every other day. So the next poll will include the top four voted-for series from this poll, and then so on.

The series that are in contention (in alphabetical order): Friday Night Lights, Lost, Lost GirlMerlinMisfitsPerson of InterestSupernatural, and The X-Files.

Now I’ll just add my two cents: I’d much rather watch a series that’s already finished so that I can, well, complete it. Or at least has a few seasons under its belt, I guess. But I promise to watch whichever series wins out! (Unless it’s just THE WORST. But you guys wouldn’t steer me wrong, right?) I’m excited; there are a couple of series in this list I’ve been wanting to watch.

All right, time to vote! You can vote as many times as your heart desires. The next poll will be published on Friday.

This poll is now closed