Faking_It_2014_MTV-2At first glance MTV’s rookie show Faking It sends up one big rainbow flag as being 2014’s show to bitch about and be offended by. But, if you dig a little deeper, past the stereotypical gay character, the overwhelmingly (almost unbelievable) tolerant high school, and borderline annoying Christian conservative… we find a truly relatable and intriguing story.

Amy and Karma are best friends. Karma wants the boy, the popularity, and the chance to be more than ordinary in a high school ruled by outcasts. Amy just wants Karma to be happy (and for the record doesn’t even like looking at her own vagina)… so clearly the only plausible solution is for them to pretend to be lesbians!

We see the madness unfold in this 22 minute series premiere, yes only 22 minutes of actual viewing pleasure, which is a travesty in itself. The charade begins when the girls are mistaken for lesbians after Amy’s soon-to-be step sister Lauren (the traditional overly-0-2heterosexual character) takes a jab at the BFF’s in the schools courtyard.  Shane, Hester High’s token gay guy, thrilled by the thought of “lesbian energy” in his life invites the two girls to his party… which is the most happening party in Texas. Yes, I said ‘happening,’ and yes Shane is wearing acid wash jeans!

The girls, unaware of their new gay status, attend the party. Amy annoyed by the fact she’s in public with people she doesn’t know or like rather than being at home watching House Hunters, Karma thrilled at the opportunity to mingle with people who aren’t, ya know, invisible at school. The party takes a turn when Liam (self-proclaimed non-douche bag), spills a beverage on Karma, then blatantly flirts with her while her upper lady parts can be seen through her now wet, lacy top. At this point he thinks she’s a lesbian, yet continues with the advances. Coincidence? I think not. Meanwhile, Amy has a forced heart to heart with Shane, where he asks her to give him some details about her and Karma’s sexual relationship, where she immediately shoots him down and denies her love of the vag.

Amy attempts to drag Karma out of the party, clearly in an uncomfortable state when Shane draws the attention of the entire group to them… essentially outing the girls. I see maxresdefault-2where he was going—trying to arouse acceptance and comfort but it kind of made Amy squirm more. He announces they’ll be running for homecoming queens, to prove how accepting and tolerant everyone really is. Pinch me, this can’t be real.  This doesn’t happen in real life… does it?

The next day the girls chat about their classmate’s newfound perception of them. Karma totally on board and ready to milk it for all its worth, Amy hesitant. The two get into a full out argument because Amy tells Karma that Liam can have anyone in the school, why would he be flirting with her? The arrive at school, still fighting, people clapping and handing them baked goods. Seriously… this doesn’t happen in real life.

Screen-Shot-2014-01-12-at-1.56.46-PM-1Anyways. Speed up the rundown, McKenzie: The two decide to faking be girlfriends. Karma and Liam flirt. Karma and Liam kiss. Doesn’t she know the rules of being a fake lesbian? No kissing boys! Amy and some random girl see Karma kissing Liam, my shipper heart breaks. Amy decides she doesn’t want to be involved in the plan anymore. Cue another girl meltdown, where the girls talk about lying to everyone… in the locker room nonetheless. Come on,  if you’re going to talk about something as important as the details of your fake relationship you should at least have the decency to check if anyone is around. Which, hello, happened to be Lauren.

Speaking of Lauren, she’s running for homecoming queen too, shocker there! During the homecoming assembly she gives a speech about nativity scenes, and traditional love and blah blah blah. The teacher, who I’m pretty sure, is a #Karmy shipper announces Karma and Amy to the stage. Reluctantly they go. Lauren decides to call them out on their false coming out… that was a real tongue twister. Karma was about ready to spill the beans, but in a desperate plea to keep the charade up Amy kisses Karma. Like, really kisses her. Viva La Karmy! The look on Amy’s face after she planted one on her BFF was the face of a not-so-straight girl realizing she kissed a girl… and she liked it.

End episode.

Now, there are really only two and a half ways this show is going to turn out, and all ends with me crying in a corner with a block of fudge and a mini bottle of vodka…

One… Amy isn’t faking it; she falls hard for her BFF Karma, who doesn’t reciprocate the feelings. The dynamic duo stops being friends, Karma gets knocked up by Liam and they star in the next installment of Teen Mom. Oh, and Amy lives happily ever after with her never-ending Netflix queue and seven cats.

Two… Amy isn’t faking it, falls hard for her BFF Karma, who turns out isn’t faking it either, reciprocates the feelings, they ditch Liam, keep Shane, and become the next Ellen and Portia of Hester High.

Two and a half… Amy isn’t faking it, the lesbian part anyways. She is in fact faking being straight but continues with the charade because she’s clearly in love with Karma and hello, free lady kisses!

I’m not going to lie, I feel some queer-baiting ahead for us #Karmy fans, but the fact remains that I was truly excited for this show to come out—no pun intended. Thank you Tumblr for alerting me to this show’s existent, not like the 10 million tweets from the cast and its writers hadn’t gotten your attention leading up to it. They’re quite adorable with their excitement for the show’s popularity, even before it officially aired. And rightfully so.

And for the record, despite my unequivocal support of #Karmy, I love me some Gregg Sulkin.

…So, what did you think of the show, loving it or leaving it?

…Aren’t the shows leading ladies Katie Stevens (Karma) and Rita Volk (Amy) amazeballs?

…Do you ship #Karmy or #Larma?

…What was your favorite line?