What’s the best way to piss off your fans? Just tell them you don’t want to travel to their country to meet them! LOLZ. Caitlin Stasey, star of the CW series REIGN took to Twitter yesterday to publicly announce that, although grateful for their support, she has no plans to visit Brazil (or meet any “strangers” for that matter). Oh man, I thought flying across the world to kiss someone you don’t knows ass is Stasey’s favorite pastime… no? Okay. My bad.


Stasey handled the “crazies” in a comical way, exchanging twitter banter with cohort Lucas Neff, star of RAISING HOPE, the critically acclaimed comedy on FOX. The duo was quite hilarious in debunking the fans uncalled for allegations. I watched as the madness unraveled, accusations flying, people outraged and in disbelief that their beloved Caitlin would do such a horrible thing to them. Sounds a bit melodramatic, no? Not to say stones weren’t thrown in both directions, Stasey poked fun at their “broken english” as they continued to send her a steady flow of insults. I mean, she has a point, though… if you’re going to talk shit— at least say it in a language she can understand. Or what’s the point?



Overall I was flabbergasted at the response from her followers. I observed in real time, people who once claimed to be among the stars biggest supporters lunge death threats (and other vulgar things) at her via the social media site. Cyber-bullies much? This morning an unwavering Stasey took to Twitter again to post a novella sized message to her passionate (and clearly psychotic) followers.

“Sadly, as is the way with modern media, people often feel as though they ‘know you’ ‘own you’ that you as an artist ‘owe them’ for the opportunity to do things publicly. This fallacy leads to entitlement, as a sense that you as the audience deserve someone’s time and that they, the artist, owe you their career,” Stasey boldly writes. “But here’s a wild accusation, you don’t know me and I don’t owe you…”

She then added, “apologies, but I’m not going to seek out the company of strangers I’ve never met who occasionally communicate with me in 125 characters or less.” Well, Caitlin, to be accurate… it’s actually 140 characters, but we’ll let that one slide.

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Who is Caitlin Stasey? Is she an ungrateful Hollywood starlet who needs a leash and a muzzle? No, she’s a connoisseur of comedy, a speak-your-mind, all for one, and one for Caitlin, kinda girl! As it should be. She’s merely expressed what I would imagine many other actors, or public figures feel, but are too timid to say.

She’s right, ya know… we, as fans do not know her personally– we know what the media tells us, tidbits from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, that weird kid who lives down the street. It’s selfish and presumptuous that we demand someone we don’t even know, not really, to be at our beck and call. The Internet is a complicated place, a place where the lines are blurred and people have no real boundaries. If social media didn’t exist and you approached her ‘in real life’, demanding she spend time with you just because you saw her in the Deli line two weeks ago from yesterday, people would think you were nuts!

Actors are real people, just because they are famous doesn’t mean we have the right to say mean words, demand they pay attention to us, or that they owe us in any way. They have feelings, just like you and me, and this situation is uncomfortable, and unnecessary to say the least. Let’s all just appreciate Stasey’s work, have an admiration for the woman… but leave it at that.


She concludes with this statement, “thanks and if you want to reach me, I’ll be yelling at my favorite public servant to hang out with me.” I see what you did there girl, and I commend you for being clever, straight forward, and a total publicity rebel. Viva La Tweet-Ya-Mind! Now, let’s go be pissed off about something truly atrocious… like, allergies and babies in headbands…


… or that ^

What are your thoughts: Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Did Caitlin go too far? Did the fans have a right to be upset… is Nickel Back a worthy contender for gluten? Have at it in the comment section!