photoTuesday’s are about to get a little more interesting with the series premiere of ABC Family’s most anticipated show of the summer. Chasing Life, a new drama following the life of April Carver, an aspiring journalist with the world at her fingertips… until she receives some shocking news that rattles her world. April finds out she has cancer, and that job she’s been working her whole life for, that guy she’s just starting to get to know, could all come to an end. Her diagnosis will either make her or break her, and for goodness sake we hope it’s not the latter.

This 24-year-old may be living out her final days, but she’s making the best of it and doesn’t seem to be going down without a fight. April is not only dealing with an unfathomable fate, but she’s keeping this secret from her family and friends. In the grand scheme of things, ABC Family’s new heart-jerker will make you think twice about whining about that new iPhone 6 you have to wait until September for. I know, it’s a really long wait—but you’ll deal.

I recently watched the pilot, and man, you guys are going to love it! It has heart, it has emotion, and it has laughter. Yeah, you heard right… it’s comical at times. One thing’s for sure, Chasing Life star Italia Ricci, who is widely known for her role as Gina in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hit film Don Jon, is a delight to watch. If she doesn’t receive some type of award for this role, let’s all burn down the internet! No, wait… that’s a bad idea.

Ricci, who hails from Canada was kind enough to answer a few questions about the upcoming series, her character and gave us one surefire reason to watch.

Happy reading!

MCKENZIE MORRELL: You play April Carver on the new ABC Family series Chasing Life, could you give us a little overview about your character?

10150673_663481420374885_4193132164794834539_nITALIA RICCI: April is a regular girl. Her career, love, happiness, and her family are the most important things to her until her health fights its way to the top. She is very tenacious in fighting for what she believes is right. She’s inspiring.

Do you and April have any similarities or differences?

We’re both very organized. I am a total neat freak and most of the time can only function happily if everything is where it belongs. There aren’t really huge differences besides surface stuff like having a sister, wearing pink, etc.

I’ve read that this show isn’t just about cancer, it’s about following your dreams, and living life to the fullest… with that said, what is some of the best life advice you’ve ever gotten? And who gave it to you…

“No one said it would be easy, they just promised it’d be worth it.” My best friend Johnny told me that and it’s stuck with me.

What has been the most difficult (and the most fun) thing while working on a show like Chasing Life?

The most difficult is coming home and getting to be healthy, I feel really guilty that I can turn the cancer off when so many people can’t. The most fun is the cast. We get along so well and I’m always fighting a burst of laughter when I’m around them.

The show has been adapted from Terminales, a successful Televisa Spanish-language Mexican television series, do you feel any pressure taking on this role for the American version?

Not at all. I watched the first couple episodes of the original, it’s not extremely similar so I didn’t feel like I had to mirror her performance – which was amazing. I developed Chasing Life‘s April on my own with help from the writers, cast, directors, and wonderful cancer warriors I’ve come to know.

Your new show premieres on ABC Family next week, tell the readers why they should watch the show?

It’s inspiring. I hope the audience feels good (and hooked) after the pilot.


Chasing Life premieres on June 10 at 9/8c only on ABC Family. Check out what Italia Ricci is saying about her new series by connecting with her on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information about Chasing Life visit ABC Family.